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Tit for Tat Tuesday

I know its not Friday but I wanted to share a few photos from thee most exciting weekend.  My son played in Bangor, Maine (sorry my step son – some people choose their battles poorly) in the WORLD SERIES.  Yes yes they represented the United States in this series and they were welcomed home this past Sunday with a HUGE crowd and there will be a parade for them this Saturday.  SUPER proud and SUPER excited for them!!!!

You can also watch the interviews on: “Tough Loss for Lemon Grove All Stars”


Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


Friday Factual maybe?

Hey all sorry I skipped last Friday (still a bit blurry on what exactly happened that day-dont judge me)

Before I go into my factual fart-en-haggens I wanted to express how very proud I am of Lemon Grove Senior Division All Stars who are known in this series as team West and are currently in Bangor, Maine in the Semi-Finals today!!!!!  Tomorrow is the World Series and it will be televised on ESPN U.  I am an extremely proud momma and although I can not be there in person my heart is there completely.


With that being said and without further a-do (is that right?)

A typist fingers travel over twelve and a half miles in an average day

So can I count that as my daily exercise?

Friday Fact – interesting

Before I begin divulging my most inner thoughts (caffeine induced rantings) I wanted to express me deepest condolences to the families in Aurora, Colorado.  My heart and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected.

— — — — —

Now I came across this interesting fact kinda by accident.  For those who know me (it would be scary if you did and I didnt know you, but anywho) I love me some great ice cold adult beverages.  I dont have any given time of day when I enjoy it the most but I do try my very best to enjoy my adult time after 10AM (I have teenagers, please no judging).  As most of my friends know, I am at my smartest (is that even a word? I need a drink!) during these adult times.  Well, the other day (while camping) as I enjoyed my ice cold Corona a gentleman came up and explained that during the hot season scorpions make their appearance.  I said WTF!  Scorpions??!?!?  Yeah its time to go!  But then I wondered, maybe they come out because they to must want to enjoy an ice cold thirst quenching beverage.  I began my google search (via Droid – thank you Verizon) and typed (text) in “Scorpions and alcohol”.  And this interesting fact came up:

If you put a drop of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

So I gotta ask, is it sick that I actually got up and went looking for our tequila?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Steps 6 7 & 8

As promised I have completed all 8 steps on becoming a better person and I must say it has been a tough thing to achieve.  The final steps in the process occurred over this past week and a half (or so).  What better time to become a better person than over the holiday weekend.  At first I thought it would be impossible but ALAS (is that how you say/spell it?) it is done.

Step 6 – Take Better Care of Yourself.  many can see this as a health issue or physical issue but I took it as putting myself first in all things .. hungry?  Why yes I am … sleepy?  Yes I am . . . so on and so on – that lasted for about 30 minutes in my house before all three of my children began to laugh at me.  Well I tried :0)

Step 7 – Show Your Appreciation.  Hmmmm NEXT!

Step 8 – Explore Your Spirituality.  As you can see there is a way to put all three of these final steps together in one swift move.  Yup – you’ve guessed it.  Naked Lady On Airplane.  GENIUS right?

Now take a moment and think of this intelligent woman’s quest to becoming better.  There are soo many controversies over this whole “harassment-touch-me-please-x-ray-vision-my-private-areas” thing going on.  I personally love LOVED the feel up I got by the security and found nothing wrong – because I used the Naked Lady on Airplane technique.  Hold your applause I know I know pure genius!

Upon arrival to the airport make sure you are fully naked under your long jacket (since you’ve already incorporated Step 6 your fully shaved groomed and showered) and if your really trying to score points (which I did :wink wink:) use a glittered toilette.  Check in your baggage and head on up to the security.  Hey listen, I know I get it your excited at this point I totally feel you!  Ok ok back to the becoming a better you.  Once you get to your groper show your appreciation by helping them out.  Direct their hands to the places you’ve gone out of your way of preparing and SMILE.  Oh yes dont forget to SMILE.  While they feel you up or what they call “secure the safety of your fellow passengers” proceed with Step 8 by shouting THANK YOU LORD (or whatever/whomever you give thanks to) OH GOD THANK YOU.  And there you have it Steps 6 7 & 8 all wrapped in one 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS you are a BETTER you. (I still firmly believe in my idea for security: Develop a booth that you can step into that will NOT x-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have hidden on or IN your body.  The explosion will be contained within the sealed booth.  This would be a win-win for everyone.  There would be none of this crap about racial profiling and the device would eliminate long and expensive trials.- but thats just me).

Tomorrow brings on a whole new month and a whole new goal.  Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was full of dysfunction and food.  And remember its only the beginning, we still have Christmas with our families.