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Merry Christmas


Wordless Wednesday

And thats all I have to say about that.

Merry Christmas Nana and Tata!

Cerami Cafe

Chose the perfect paint

Time to get to work

Even dad came to watch the magic happen

The finished project – now to hand them off and pick them up after they’ve been put in the oven.

Merry Christmas Nana and Tata!!

❤ L & J

And the Award goes to . . . . .

Drumroll Please (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) J Estrada, A Estrada and A Estrada Jr.!  Oh yea peeps 3 cousins by which they all are born on the exact same day one year apart received an award today.  Conspiracy you say?  Hmmmmm

Isnt he handsome :gush:

As we (Estrada Clan) entered the auditorium we turned to each other asking “wait is “J” getting an award? “A” to?  And “A Jr.”?  Hmmmmmm”.  Well it is Christmas time – OF COURSE our boys did a 180, they needed to insure every item they listed on their Christmas List will be waiting for them underneath the tree.  We all sat there (taking an entire row) and watched proudly and screamed their names as each were called.  People looked back at us (we always wear dark clothing and we all have dark hair) probably wondering who brought the lil mafia familia.  I laugh typing that but thats exactly how we looked.  My husband comes from a very big family so when we roll we roll deep.

Last night was a hectic one – today being the last day of school for two weeks, :sniff tear: sorry I still get very emotional when I think of their “break” from school.  Lord help me.  Sorry back to my point, our 14 yr old had a fiesta in his Spanish class and it was Potluck style so we opted for the easiest thing – sweet bread aka pan de dulce.  Also, this year I wanted to send a treat to my kids teachers.  The older ones got to pick one teacher each (highschool) and my youngest has two teachers so he automatically gets a gift for both.  I must say I do like my handy dandy gift choices – coffee thingies that keep the coffee hot with their favorite teams on them – 2 Chargers, 1 Steelers and a Purple one (no team).

And after a night filled with wrapping, cooking, cleaning, crying, drinking, laughing, massaging, laundry, baking, folding, mediating and finally kissing the kids good night it was time for me to admire my only card on my tree.

Its the simple things that make my day/night.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Facebook – I see you

Well good morning good morning

Now that I have my cup of Joe and more importantly you can see my pretty nails (I’m so proud of my new girly art skills) , lets get into the lovely topic of Facebook.

My husband and I decided that leaving facebook was the best for us.  We felt that privacy was a HUGE factor and also we really didnt see it as a positive tool in our lives.  Since then our teenagers have made it a habitual daily thing to log every piece of their lives online for all to see.  Although we dont have a facebook we do have our ways of monitoring whats being posted by our teens.  One of those ways is their other parents.  My daughter’s dad monitors her facebook religously and we thought my step sons mom would monitor his posts as well.

For the past couple of weeks my step son has been very verbal about things that go on in our home.  Of course I’m a step parent so of course I was the target.  Its all good though, being a parent and not a friend to your child can do that especially if your the “step” parent.  I wont go into it in detail but I will say this – shame on you and thank you.  Catching his handy work and the non mention of certain people’s actions actually provided a great communication exercise that benefited our lil family.  It also proves exactly what type of person(s) are out there.  Lets grow up, shall we.

Okay time for the catch up wrap up . . . . . Since September I have celebrated 10 years of marriage (bowing and thanking all of my 4 supporters/fans), had a full hysterectomy and got really good at smiling even though I feel like smashing everything in sight.  So in summary “the good the bad and the ugly” (HA good one!).

I was home recovering from surgery for almost 7 weeks – I managed to watch every season and every episode of Greys Anatomy.    Hello, a show about surgeons after going under the knife made perfect sense.  Plus my husband and I caught up on The Walking Dead.  Great shows but man did I have nightmares.  First being cut open and dying on the table to coming back to life trying to eat everyone in sight.  Yikes.

Gosh it feels good to be back.

2010 from 10 9 and a 14 yr old + a new years wish

Hi friends . . . Here I am typing away on a Thursday night with my joys (minus one he’s camping) But each one of my offspring want to say something before this year ends.  I know I know hold the applause . . . . now its time to hear what the next generation would love you ALL to hear.  My kids wanted to post some things on my blog so I have my 10 yr old ready to type:

Baby #3 BOY – HI i just wanted to say that i want & hope for 2011 to be way better than this year and i hope the economy gets better and you guys out there should set a goal for yourself i mean a goal that u would never think of giving up or doing…like im going to set a goal to try to be nicer to my younger siblings and set a better example than just being  the mean bossy big brother.I do hope if the rapture is in 2011 i hope ill go to heaven so if the devil tries to do anything dumb i will be able to mess him up.I hope my nana rachel and my grandma ayumi and my grandpa ray hear this I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH.I hope time goes by fast in my life so ill be able to see you guys so i will try to be good so when i die i will go to heaven and see you. I hope everyone out there has a great year. 😉

Need to input a lil buffer – my kids really wanted to say something and what better way than to say it here right?  Now here’s baby # 4 (he’s 9)

baby #4- hi am 9 years old and what i remember in 2010 is the saddest part in 2010 is that my nana rachel died  june 25,2010 on my sister’s birthday.i loved her very much and i also loved her cinnamon pancakes.i just want to tell all you guy not to lie,curse,and try not to 2011 i want all you guys to live a great life and prey every time somthings thats going rong and thank god for making you a good person.thank god make sure.i love you all and live a good life.

Well if your still reading now its time for the big Dogg hahahah the Queeen that keeps it all together . . the one that has had my heart since I was 17 . . introducing my life and my only my ONLY daughter baby #1

baby #1 aka QUEEN BEE:  Hi, i am 14 years old and this is my story of the year 2010. Well first of all let me take u to the begining, let see, oh yea i wanna start off with the summer part of 2010. Well its my birthday month so yea pretty awsome huh?? Hahah so well we were having a bbq at my house one day that was when all the family came over and yea plus that was the time after my grandma died and on my  birthday still miss her so much but let me go on with my blog\story. Soo at our old house we had a pool  and everything perfect day too and everyone was swimming so hours past and all of a suddden my little cousin isaac was wondering around outside and then it felt like the whole world like paused for a whole second all of a sudden he was in the pool face down! I was so scared. But my first wish for 2010 is  for everyone to be carful and safe and also be aware of ur surroundings because anything can happen in the blink of an eye  so be careful so we can lower the deaths and the suicides in the world. My second wish is never doubt anything that is one of the signs the devil can make us do which lets him enter our world. My third wish is for to never lie, cheat, or steal cuse that is another way the devil can come into our world and make chaos. For 2011  i would LOVE for people to not want, to be nice and peacful, also to appreciate wat u have thats what i would love for 2011.

So . . . .  here I am afraid to read what the kids have said . . . but what I can tell you is this .. KIDS KNOW – Have a HAPPY New Year see ya in 2011 if God Permits

Oh it Must Be Christmas

Last minute Christmas shoppers – you know who you are – the ones who wait till the very last week to shop for your ENTIRE family.  Sometimes I wonder what in the hell you were doing for the last month since Thanksgiving HELLO you’ve had plenty of time.  With that being said, I am one of the LAST minute Christmas shoppers.  Damn me.  Yes yes .. Hello my name is ___ and I am a Last Minute Christmas Shopper.  I have attended these meetings for four years in a row now and it seems I just can’t make it out to shop at a reasonable time.  Damn me.

Yesterday I decided I would venture out to the place that many call the mall.  I figured many of the townsfolk would be in church and that would give me at least a couple of hours before the BIG crowd hit the lot.  Enter Side Note Here: I hate the malls – I havent walked into a mall since Christmas of 09.  I have no clue what and where each store is. –Back to the shopping – I hit the mall at around 930 AM.  I left my warm house with everyone still sleeping and had NOT had my coffee but I am happy to say I at least combed my hair and put on some make-up. 

I drive a clunker – yup and I’m proud of it.  I mean clunker in every “c” to the “eeerrrrr” I could possibly mean.  I see you shaking your head thinking “it can’t be that bad” -Oh yes yes it is – I have to disconnect the battery every time I park to ensure that it will start when Im ready to depart my location.  So here I am all 5ft and 1inch (im very proud of that 1 inch) of me bent over head first under the hood of my gorgeous stallion (ewww get your mind out of the gutter) :enter sweaty hot chick with wife beater and grease all over with tattoos here – dont forget the torn jeans and hankie hanging from back pocket: pffffft I WISH more like my pretend Uggs jeans and over sized sweater with hair flying in my mouth sticking to my chapstick – sexy right?  Yeah I thought so too HAHA – crap went waaaay off subject.  My car – oh yes I love it!  No car payments and it gets me from point A to point B, now you can’t beat that.

So I pull up to the mall and I find a parking space about a mile away from the place.  I don’t mind walking.  So I proceed to disconnect my battery and make my way to the place, that when I leave, I’ll be silently sobbing as I clutch my empty wallet.  I begin to walk past cars waiting and creeping to find that parking space that will get them that much closer.  I think to myself as I pass them “look dude just park at the end of the place and walk – I did and now I’m walking into the mall while you wait for 15 to 20 more minutes silently cursing the holidays.  Dumb ass”  damn maybe I thought I thought it but I may have said it out loud.  I can’t really remember but the finger – I remember that old ass lady and her wrinkled middle finger.  Yup I said it out loud.  My bad.

The mall was nice and decorated to the point where if I were to poop right there and then it would be ornaments of every color while Christmas songs passed as my farts.  I know – I’m crude.  Anywho, I walked around the mall about three times and got most of the things my dear grateful (NOT) children wanted.  Before I left I wanted to stop by the bookstore and pick up a few reading materials.  I wandered around and I could have sworn there was a book store at the mall.  I walked up to a nice lady (she looked smart so I took my chance she would know about a book store) “Excuse me but wasnt there a bookstore here?” She looked at me a little confused “A bookstore? You don’t own a computer?” as she pulled out her top of the line phone and waved it in my face.  “you can download most of your books to your phone or order them online.  It’s just easier that way”.  O     K.  So I guess that meant there was no more book store in the mall.  I guess I’m a little slow in times now. 

Over all, my trip to the mall was nice. I shopped and listened to people bicker back and forth about what size Auntie Jean was and how much the coffee has gone up but it tasted sooo good.  I vowed not to go back until next year.