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Todays Fact is Brought to you by the letter L and the number 0

Hello all … hold the applause (from the far far guy in the very very back – thank you)

Todays post is very quick and to the point.  But before I get into my drunk  wise information I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my sexy future wife (HAHA) on the birth of her brand new baby boy!  He has got to be thee most gorgeous lil man I have ever seen!!!!  

Okay with all that being said ………. all this talk about Lady Gaga and her HUGE weight gain (SERIOUSLY people).  These are the times I am super excited I have a restraining order on all the paparazzi that stalk me.  She gained a few pounds, SO WHAT!  If this is the best our public can come up with during these weird times, the world MUST be ending.

Lady Gaga Fact :  Lady Gaga taught herself how to play piano by ear when she was four years old, she also took lesson to be able to read partition later. 

Haters, take that to the “food” bank.

Lady Gaga – I know you read my blog religiously and I appreciate it – Keep doing you Boo Boo!!

Uh Oh my Corona is getting warm gotta go, have an amazing weekend!


Merry Christmas

And the Award goes to . . . . .

Drumroll Please (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) J Estrada, A Estrada and A Estrada Jr.!  Oh yea peeps 3 cousins by which they all are born on the exact same day one year apart received an award today.  Conspiracy you say?  Hmmmmm

Isnt he handsome :gush:

As we (Estrada Clan) entered the auditorium we turned to each other asking “wait is “J” getting an award? “A” to?  And “A Jr.”?  Hmmmmmm”.  Well it is Christmas time – OF COURSE our boys did a 180, they needed to insure every item they listed on their Christmas List will be waiting for them underneath the tree.  We all sat there (taking an entire row) and watched proudly and screamed their names as each were called.  People looked back at us (we always wear dark clothing and we all have dark hair) probably wondering who brought the lil mafia familia.  I laugh typing that but thats exactly how we looked.  My husband comes from a very big family so when we roll we roll deep.

Last night was a hectic one – today being the last day of school for two weeks, :sniff tear: sorry I still get very emotional when I think of their “break” from school.  Lord help me.  Sorry back to my point, our 14 yr old had a fiesta in his Spanish class and it was Potluck style so we opted for the easiest thing – sweet bread aka pan de dulce.  Also, this year I wanted to send a treat to my kids teachers.  The older ones got to pick one teacher each (highschool) and my youngest has two teachers so he automatically gets a gift for both.  I must say I do like my handy dandy gift choices – coffee thingies that keep the coffee hot with their favorite teams on them – 2 Chargers, 1 Steelers and a Purple one (no team).

And after a night filled with wrapping, cooking, cleaning, crying, drinking, laughing, massaging, laundry, baking, folding, mediating and finally kissing the kids good night it was time for me to admire my only card on my tree.

Its the simple things that make my day/night.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh it must be hump day cause I’m feeling groovy

Over these past three and a half weeks I have been hard at work trying to improve my body both inside and out.  I’ve had to make some small sacrifices but in the end it will be all worth it.  Through my interesting (short) journey I have developed some new obsessions.  Dont Judge

#1 – WATER and not just any water I have been obsessing over Desani.  Up to 2 Liters a day and I swear if I pee one more – DAMN be right back!

#2 – Kettlebells – after using these babies I cant imagine working out with out them

#3 – Panty Liners – Have you ever complete a hard weight workout and then hit the treadmill for 15 minutes on an incline routine?  If you have then you know your butt and “area’s” sweat.  If yours dont then well EFF off cause mine do!  And I prefer NOT to go into the grocery store with a wet croch, thank you very much.

#4 – Romaine Lettuce – These are THEE best thing EVER!  If you have some tuna and some sandwich spread – mix those bitches up and spread it in this fine piece of lettuce with a sliver of Zesty dill pickle and you got yourself a MEE-YUUMIE lunch.  Dont get me started on the plethora of wraps you can make with these bad boys!!

#5 – Barefoot Wine – Since I have been a non-beer drinker this handy dandy wine selection has been such a great thirst quencher.

#6 – Naked Juice SMOOTHIES – honestly the only reason I love them is because I like saying “I just had me a naa-ked” bar-chicka-wow-wow HA!

#6 – Ice Cubes – no not the rapper the actual ICE – water is boring boring boring with added texture its somewhat tolerable.  PLUS ice cubes in your wine help dilute it a bit :sigh: have I said Spring/Summer suck???  No?!?!  Damn shorts damn swimsuits damn them all!

#7 – Liquid Gel Advil – I just need to say one word – SORE.  These are a must have!

#8 – My iPod and earbuds – What would I do without my dearest iPod?  If I had to listen to my breathing and complaining while I workout I would seriously throw my workout DVD’s through a window.  :note to self send apology note to downstairs neighbors: who knew a DVD can do so much damage?? 

My last obsession is a little tricky to post – so I’ll just say it vibrates :wink wink: HA!

Have a great DAY!  WOO HOO manana es Cinco De Mayo – Orale HAHAHAHA


Just a typical Thursday night with my kids new “invention” of beanies . . yes yes my friends those are the remains of cut off sweat bottoms.  And the laugh – who is that duck laugh from – oh yes that would be my sister :o)

Musical Friday

Happy Friday – Now this is the Mariah that got me hooked 🙂

8 Steps – shall we begin

November – my goal will be “better”.  “Better” eating habits, choices, sleep bla bla bla etc. just “better” in all things.  Even in the area where people may not seem to be important – you know cursing “better” throwing pennies at crazed drivers “better” – you get what I mean.

This morning, in honor of November’s goal, I brought a breakfast.  I usually just have a cup of coffee to start my day (5 spoons of sugar and some fake creamer – yum healthy) but today I thought “hmmmm, it would be better if I try this whole breakfast thing – they say it helps the thinking process or digestion I dont know but its supposed to be a better way to start off the work day”.  Todays breakfast menu – Instant Oatmeal (trying to suppress my gag reflex) and a banana. 

First off let me say this there is no right way to eat a banana – nope none zip nada no way.  You can break it into bite size morsels or even mash it (even that looks like something that I would see coughed up – again suppressing the gag reflex) but even so – its just an odd fruit to eat.  Its almost 10 am and I have not eatin or attempted to make my instant oatmeal let alone peeled that succulent banana.  Sexy right – I know I know but stay focused people.

And hello am I the only one who sings that Gwen Stefanie song just to spell the word?  And speaking of that song – considering my weekend activities, I’m starting consider making it my November anthem.  Grab some deep red lipstick, bust out some dickies, grab some of my homies and kick some ass.  LOL I’m sorry I cant even type that with a straight face. 

Since I have no clue on becoming a better person (thats the rumor now a days) I decided to turn to my trusted educational tool – google.  And to my surprise there are tons of sites on how to become a better person, wife, drinker and so on.  I decided on a 8 step program.  2 steps a week and I should be golden by December.  Lets see here, I’m already a bit behind.

Step 1 – Consider Your Impact On Others – This one I got handled before I even got to work.  As my husband was dropping me off to work today a nice gentleman, who was clearly in a hurry to work, screamed and honked for us to get our “slow moving ass out da way”.  I thought to myself “hmm this nice young man probably had a rough night sleep and if I can just brighten up his day with a smile (remember blog – Have You Smiled Today)” So as my husband pulled up next to the impatient gentleman, I rolled down my window threw him a dollar of quarters while I said (in my outside voice) “here now get yourself a cup of coffee and pull your finger out your ass” I smiled and winked and we drove off.  Now you see that gentleman will be able to consider “wow even though Im a self absorbed asshole who clearly thinks Im thee only one on the road this morning – that nice lady considered my finger dilemma and topped it with a cup of joe”.  Impact – woah now thats a powerful word 😉

Im excited about November – now you all go out and be a better you and Impact someone 🙂