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Friday Friday

Before I go into my most intellectual antics I would like to say – CONGRATULATIONS to my son’s Senior League All Star Team!  They are currently battling it out for a spot in the Little League WORLD SERIES in Maine.  Yes folks I am a very proud momma (sorry I still get a lil teary eyed) …. GO LEMON GROVE!!!  They are currently REPRESENTING all of Southern California in the tournaments.

If you would like to follow how they are doing you can visit our website at  Send all your good goo-goo’s!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now onto to the Friday stoooof ..

I have a few of my favorite things in this little world of mine and I came across this little fun fact.


A female oyster produces 100 million young in her lifetime, the typical hen lays 19 dozen eggs a year, and it is possible for one female cat to be responsible for the birth of 20,736 kittens in four years.

First my mind wondered (well duh) then I laughed and out of no where, I got a little hungry (for those of you who understand my humor or just me – OH YEAH BABY HAHA).  And for those who don’t quit do – 3 words to help educate you about lil ol me …. Oyster Hen and most important Kitty.



Have a wonderful Weekend!

Friday Fact – Hmmmmmm

There is no introduction for today’s fact.  Just plain ol 

In the course of an average lifetime you will, while sleeping, eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Fact

I know I know everyone hold onto you hats!  Every Friday, yours truly will be lending you a piece of my brain (you know that thing that sits in the skull – YA that thing).  Well anywho dot dot dot


Did you know Peanuts are one of the ingredients in Dynamite?

Its true, yes yes it is!  So as you conjure up your favorite PB&J just think that wonderful gooey morsel in your mouth can literally help things explode!  Well if your allergic then you know the feeling.

Have a wonderful Friday!

And the Award goes to . . . . .

Drumroll Please (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) J Estrada, A Estrada and A Estrada Jr.!  Oh yea peeps 3 cousins by which they all are born on the exact same day one year apart received an award today.  Conspiracy you say?  Hmmmmm

Isnt he handsome :gush:

As we (Estrada Clan) entered the auditorium we turned to each other asking “wait is “J” getting an award? “A” to?  And “A Jr.”?  Hmmmmmm”.  Well it is Christmas time – OF COURSE our boys did a 180, they needed to insure every item they listed on their Christmas List will be waiting for them underneath the tree.  We all sat there (taking an entire row) and watched proudly and screamed their names as each were called.  People looked back at us (we always wear dark clothing and we all have dark hair) probably wondering who brought the lil mafia familia.  I laugh typing that but thats exactly how we looked.  My husband comes from a very big family so when we roll we roll deep.

Last night was a hectic one – today being the last day of school for two weeks, :sniff tear: sorry I still get very emotional when I think of their “break” from school.  Lord help me.  Sorry back to my point, our 14 yr old had a fiesta in his Spanish class and it was Potluck style so we opted for the easiest thing – sweet bread aka pan de dulce.  Also, this year I wanted to send a treat to my kids teachers.  The older ones got to pick one teacher each (highschool) and my youngest has two teachers so he automatically gets a gift for both.  I must say I do like my handy dandy gift choices – coffee thingies that keep the coffee hot with their favorite teams on them – 2 Chargers, 1 Steelers and a Purple one (no team).

And after a night filled with wrapping, cooking, cleaning, crying, drinking, laughing, massaging, laundry, baking, folding, mediating and finally kissing the kids good night it was time for me to admire my only card on my tree.

Its the simple things that make my day/night.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Winey Monday

There should be a law for all the Mothers who celebrated Mothers Day (the way I do) they should automatically get the Monday that follows OFF…..ugh damn wine

Yesterday my loving husband made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen after (oh yeah he got a huge star for the day) while my little spawns straightened up the house as I folded laundry . . . ugh Damn Wine

It was a little tough for me to be around most people so I sent my hubby and 9 yr old off to Seaworld to celebrate Mothers Day with my mother n law.  My daughter stayed with me and we rented movies and I drank – ALOT …ugh damn wine

I dont remember much after 5pm but as I scrolled through my phone this morning at began to read all my sent text messages – the memories came streaming back….ugh DAMN wine

Some were good some were bad and some were just ummm lets just say I was feeling a little bit proud of some certain pictures and if I were to ever run for office there would be a scandal!  …… ugh DAMN WINE :note to self send apology text(s):

Over all Mothers Day turned out great but today I despise wine . . well until I feel better HA!


Oh it must be hump day cause I’m feeling groovy

Over these past three and a half weeks I have been hard at work trying to improve my body both inside and out.  I’ve had to make some small sacrifices but in the end it will be all worth it.  Through my interesting (short) journey I have developed some new obsessions.  Dont Judge

#1 – WATER and not just any water I have been obsessing over Desani.  Up to 2 Liters a day and I swear if I pee one more – DAMN be right back!

#2 – Kettlebells – after using these babies I cant imagine working out with out them

#3 – Panty Liners – Have you ever complete a hard weight workout and then hit the treadmill for 15 minutes on an incline routine?  If you have then you know your butt and “area’s” sweat.  If yours dont then well EFF off cause mine do!  And I prefer NOT to go into the grocery store with a wet croch, thank you very much.

#4 – Romaine Lettuce – These are THEE best thing EVER!  If you have some tuna and some sandwich spread – mix those bitches up and spread it in this fine piece of lettuce with a sliver of Zesty dill pickle and you got yourself a MEE-YUUMIE lunch.  Dont get me started on the plethora of wraps you can make with these bad boys!!

#5 – Barefoot Wine – Since I have been a non-beer drinker this handy dandy wine selection has been such a great thirst quencher.

#6 – Naked Juice SMOOTHIES – honestly the only reason I love them is because I like saying “I just had me a naa-ked” bar-chicka-wow-wow HA!

#6 – Ice Cubes – no not the rapper the actual ICE – water is boring boring boring with added texture its somewhat tolerable.  PLUS ice cubes in your wine help dilute it a bit :sigh: have I said Spring/Summer suck???  No?!?!  Damn shorts damn swimsuits damn them all!

#7 – Liquid Gel Advil – I just need to say one word – SORE.  These are a must have!

#8 – My iPod and earbuds – What would I do without my dearest iPod?  If I had to listen to my breathing and complaining while I workout I would seriously throw my workout DVD’s through a window.  :note to self send apology note to downstairs neighbors: who knew a DVD can do so much damage?? 

My last obsession is a little tricky to post – so I’ll just say it vibrates :wink wink: HA!

Have a great DAY!  WOO HOO manana es Cinco De Mayo – Orale HAHAHAHA

Oh Yea – He’s Scarred FOR LIFE

Everyone has a memory or has a story of a friend’s memory from childhood of walking in on parents having sex, right?  Oh yea . . . . I’ve touched that inner fear, that locked away image you keep extra tight way deep in your  secret memory vault you so want to forget.  A HA!  Well we have given that same gift to our youngest.  And boy was it a doosie.

Like normal couples with children, we all have a designated time when we can do the dirty.  Some prefer the closet, some prefer the bathroom.  All in all, if you have children you have to coordinate the sexual escapades just right to prevent the scream of horror and utter embarrassment of your children catching you in the act.  For years my husband and I have been the braggers amongst our friends with children who havent been caught.  They all have said “just wait, you guys will have your day” and we never thought it would happen to us.  We have both experienced the nightmare of catching a friend’s parents going at it and we would pay top dollar to get that image removed from our memory. 

Oh yea we were amongst the few, the elite set of parents who could brag well that is until last Wednesday night.  (insert dum DUM DUUUUMMMM sound here). 

It started off as any other spring vacation day.  My husband and I took the day off work to take our youngest to a Padre game.  We had amazing seats.  Our youngest was absolutely thrilled.  And because we’re high rollers (NOT) we sat in the all-you-can-eat section.  The day was perfect, great view, great food and great drinks!  We ran into one of my son’s friends there, they didnt have the wrist ban for the food so we made a deal.  We’ll give you all the hotdogs/drinks/popcorn/peanuts you want in exchange for beer (oh come one now thats a deal!).  Remember its ALL YOU CAN EAT.  The kids had a blast.  They caught some balls and we enjoyed our beers. 

All in all it was a good day.  My son beamed from ear to ear telling his older brother and sister about his day at the ballpark. 

That evening, like normal, we all get the ready for bed.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  And like normal 2:00AM rolls around and I feel a *tap tap tap* on my shoulder and its mommy and daddy time (OH YEAH).  I’m not sure when it happened but IT DID and we heard “OH MY GOD DAD GET OFF MY MOMMY!!” then SLAM of the bathroom door.  Of course my husband was as suave as a deer caught in the headlights scrambling to get himself together, where as I just laid there and thought “maybe if I stay real still no one will see me” – uh no – that didnt work. 

I immediately asked my husband if we should go talk to him and of course he said “no babe it’s all good he’ll be fine he’ll forget all about it” . . another wrong move.  First thing the next morning my son runs out to the dining room and begins to laugh. 

Siah (while he’s humping the air shouts) – “You guys are gross – Dad you were all crazy on top of mom!  I cant believe you were making a baby last night!  Mom said you weren’t going to have anymore you guys lied!” 

Dad – “we weren’t making a baby.” 

Siah – “eww then you were putting it in my mom on purpose????”

Dad – “Pop, we do that all the time”

Siah – “Well not anymore, I’m gunna start sleeping with you guys.  Your gunna break my mom dad!”

At that we left things alone (mostly because we couldnt stop laughing and I know I was RED from embarrassment).  I decided to talk to him about it later when my husband wasnt around.  But I know my son will NEVER forget what he saw.  He must have told his brother and sister a 100 times and some of his cousins about his ordeal.  OH the joy of Marriage and Children.

Pilates the Great

Is it already almost February?  Did I fall asleep somewhere and miss about two weeks??!?!  Well CRAP! 

With that being said and all the blogs about “getting healthy” and “eating right” to the fitness guru’s shouting “GET READY FOR SUMMER – get your summer bod in 6 weeks!”  bleh bleh bleh … I find myself running out of time to get an actual routine going that will make me want to workout.  You see for me (as you have read before) I get a green grass up my butt and decide to go crazy and work my flabs out.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  I HATE running and although I have a pooch in my lower abdomen I refuse to give up my booze.  Now, back to the healthy crap. 

I have been drinking more water and have been making healthier choices on my lunch menu.  I have even started Pilates.  Now now dont go all crazy, its not like I take a class or go to the gym.  I watch the girl on my blackberry with ear buds on and do it at home :).  At first when all I did was watch the bi**h do it I thought “that sh*t is easy!  And each video is only 10 min NO problem I got this” The first day I went home and brought out the yoga mat I was psyched up.  Ready to go, even brought out a 15lb dumb bell so I could do my squats and lunges after.  Pfffft this was gunna be a breaze!  OH HELL it soooo wasnt!  Has anyone done Pilates?  Anyone???  HOLY crap and the magnificent (I cant call her the “b” word anymore – too much respect) woman taking you through it was talking at the same time!  I couldnt stop shaking!  I couldnt even complete all the routines!

I did the best I could and SCREW the squats and lunges at this point.  But all in all I felt great after.  My core felt like I put in some work and I only had two glasses of wine instead of the full bottle (well mainly because I was still shaking and that didnt feel nice).  The next morning I cursed every stair I had to climb.  I didnt give a rats ass if I looked crazy or like I had a stick up my butt I was SORE!

The second night of Pilates were intense!  I made noises I never knew I could make.  Yea I may have cursed a few times and actually almost completed a few routines without resting or wanting to puke.  And after I did a full 5 minutes of squats and lunges (hey its a start). 

So far its been 5 full days of at home pilates/squats/lunges each day lasting about 20 minutes.  I am honestly preparing myself for that P90X thing.  My friend not only uses it but sells it.  I am in no hurry to have a bikini body.  I figure 2 to 3 months should give me enough time . . . right?  Ugh I hate being a girl!

8 Steps – shall we begin

November – my goal will be “better”.  “Better” eating habits, choices, sleep bla bla bla etc. just “better” in all things.  Even in the area where people may not seem to be important – you know cursing “better” throwing pennies at crazed drivers “better” – you get what I mean.

This morning, in honor of November’s goal, I brought a breakfast.  I usually just have a cup of coffee to start my day (5 spoons of sugar and some fake creamer – yum healthy) but today I thought “hmmmm, it would be better if I try this whole breakfast thing – they say it helps the thinking process or digestion I dont know but its supposed to be a better way to start off the work day”.  Todays breakfast menu – Instant Oatmeal (trying to suppress my gag reflex) and a banana. 

First off let me say this there is no right way to eat a banana – nope none zip nada no way.  You can break it into bite size morsels or even mash it (even that looks like something that I would see coughed up – again suppressing the gag reflex) but even so – its just an odd fruit to eat.  Its almost 10 am and I have not eatin or attempted to make my instant oatmeal let alone peeled that succulent banana.  Sexy right – I know I know but stay focused people.

And hello am I the only one who sings that Gwen Stefanie song just to spell the word?  And speaking of that song – considering my weekend activities, I’m starting consider making it my November anthem.  Grab some deep red lipstick, bust out some dickies, grab some of my homies and kick some ass.  LOL I’m sorry I cant even type that with a straight face. 

Since I have no clue on becoming a better person (thats the rumor now a days) I decided to turn to my trusted educational tool – google.  And to my surprise there are tons of sites on how to become a better person, wife, drinker and so on.  I decided on a 8 step program.  2 steps a week and I should be golden by December.  Lets see here, I’m already a bit behind.

Step 1 – Consider Your Impact On Others – This one I got handled before I even got to work.  As my husband was dropping me off to work today a nice gentleman, who was clearly in a hurry to work, screamed and honked for us to get our “slow moving ass out da way”.  I thought to myself “hmm this nice young man probably had a rough night sleep and if I can just brighten up his day with a smile (remember blog – Have You Smiled Today)” So as my husband pulled up next to the impatient gentleman, I rolled down my window threw him a dollar of quarters while I said (in my outside voice) “here now get yourself a cup of coffee and pull your finger out your ass” I smiled and winked and we drove off.  Now you see that gentleman will be able to consider “wow even though Im a self absorbed asshole who clearly thinks Im thee only one on the road this morning – that nice lady considered my finger dilemma and topped it with a cup of joe”.  Impact – woah now thats a powerful word 😉

Im excited about November – now you all go out and be a better you and Impact someone 🙂

Brownie anyone?

Last night our dinner table (yes we finally got one and couches too!) conversation was a bit interesting.  Usually, my husband and I share stories of our day and laugh at the funny things all the while our children each burst out a piece of random information, which usually takes our attention off our current subject and focuses on theirs.  It’s not a bad thing – the weird thing about being a parent is that you never forget where you left off.  

Any who, my husband begins to tell me about his co-worker.  My daughter was the only one at the table at this time.  So the story goes – my husband’s co-worker was installing a door and its frame (they work for the Navy Hospital – those doors weigh anywhere from 200 lbs to almost 500 lbs) and the door that was leaning on its holder slipped and fell on top of him causing him to jerk forward and gash his head.  “OH MY GOODNESS – good thing you guys work at the hospital” I said but my husband just shook his head and began to laugh.  “What is it?  Please tell me he’s ok” my husband then said “well he doesn’t want anyone to know – he ate a ‘brownie’ on Wednesday and if anyone finds out he’ll get fired”.  Just then my daughter perked up and said “what’s wrong with eating a brownie?” 

My husband and I just looked at each other.  I knew if I didn’t speak up my husband would say some bizarre thing and make my daughter question further.  

So I spoke my mind “It’s a special brownie honey and that means they bake it with shit” – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

“Are you serious?  Actual poop?” 

“Yup, so if anyone ever asks you to have or bite a special brownie just remember it has shit in it and even though they try to deny it that friend wont know for sure what’s in it because they probably got it from someone else who mixed in the poop”. 

“Seriously, that’s nasty.  I’m never eating homemade brownies again” that’s my girl – and my D.A.R.E. education for the evening was complete. 

“Nicely put” was my husbands response to my intellectual insight.  Move over (umm so trying to think of a clever mom type person that had the answers to everything – OH!) Mrs. Brady (yea that’s the best I could come up with) I’m taking over this mother of the year thing and I’m taking no prisoners. 

But just as I thought our conversation was over she came out with “Did you guys ever eat stuff like that?” 

Hmmmm . . . I personally have never done a drug (besides alcohol and cigarettes) in my life.  You know how they say “only 5 out of 100 will OD or only 1 out of 1,000 will go blind” I always felt (and still do) that I’ll be one of those 5.  I get caught for everything and I suck at lying so I just stayed away from fire and enjoyed watching others burn (hey I was a teenager). 

“(insert my daughter’s name here) baby we did a lot of stupid things when we were young but drugs was never one of them” – and this was true for both of us.  Yes we were underage drinkers and yes we had premarital sex but it just so happens we never experimented with drugs.  

But she didn’t ask us about sex or alcohol.  

She must have lost interest in us because after that she just got up and left the table.  The suddenly, our 9 year old appeared “I heard what you said about special brownies, can I make some for my teacher?” – well crap.  I just know Im going to get a phone call about this one tomorrow.