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Flippity Flap Fact Friday

Gooood Morning and Happy Friday ūüôā

I am all hyped up on my coffee so excuse my stuttering fingers. ¬†As always, before I educate your spongy minds ( I mean that in the best way possible – if thats possible) tomorrow we will be celebrating my father n laws 70th birthday. ¬†Many of you know I lost my mom a couple years ago and in these last couple of years satan has tried to throw his worst species my way (seriously this post isnt about you – move on) but God has blessed me 10 times over with the most amazing family a woman could ever dream of. ¬†As all you ladies know – when you marry, you marry them ALL ūüôā

“My husband and I have never considered divorce… murder sometimes, but never divorce.” ~ Joyce Brothers

*** and now drum roll please (tried to spell it but your imagination will have to do) ***

A pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes

Well Flippity FLAP!   Have a wonderful weekend



Facebook – I see you

Well good morning good morning

Now that I have my cup of Joe and more importantly you can see my pretty nails (I’m so proud of my new girly art skills) , lets get into the lovely topic of Facebook.

My husband and I decided that leaving facebook was the best for us. ¬†We felt that privacy was a HUGE factor and also we really didnt see it as a positive tool in our lives. ¬†Since then our teenagers have made it a habitual daily thing to log every piece of their lives online for all to see. ¬†Although we dont have a facebook we do have our ways of monitoring whats being posted by our teens. ¬†One of those ways is their other parents. ¬†My daughter’s dad monitors her facebook religously and we thought my step sons mom would monitor his posts as well.

For the past couple of weeks my step son has been very verbal about things that go on in our home. ¬†Of course I’m a step parent so of course I was the target. ¬†Its all good though, being a parent and not a friend to your child can do that especially if your the “step” parent. ¬†I wont go into it in detail but I will say this – shame on you and thank you. ¬†Catching his handy work and the non mention of certain people’s actions actually provided a great communication exercise that benefited our lil family. ¬†It also proves exactly what type of person(s) are out there. ¬†Lets grow up, shall we.

Okay time for the catch up wrap up . . . . . Since September I have celebrated 10 years of marriage (bowing and thanking all of my 4 supporters/fans), had a full hysterectomy and got really good at smiling even though I feel like smashing everything in sight. ¬†So in summary “the good the bad and the ugly” (HA good one!).

I was home recovering from surgery for almost 7 weeks РI managed to watch every season and every episode of Greys Anatomy.    Hello, a show about surgeons after going under the knife made perfect sense.  Plus my husband and I caught up on The Walking Dead.  Great shows but man did I have nightmares.  First being cut open and dying on the table to coming back to life trying to eat everyone in sight.  Yikes.

Gosh it feels good to be back.

I made it through

Well what an interesting baseball game.  My son did a great job!  I was very impressed and I was also impressed with all the mixed emotions of lil ol me there amongst all my true best friends РNOT. 

Between the stares and the wispers, I actually enjoyed most of the game.  I did however, sit on the bleachers and that is something I never do.  I usually sit at the furthest end of the field, depending on which side my son is on.  Unfortunatley, I forgot my handy dandy chair so I played nice on the bleachers. 

One thing you must know about me, when I get nervous or uncomfortable I tend to chit chat about NONSENSE.  I dont talk smack I just talk about the most random things.  Another bad habit I need to kick.  I should have drank at least a six pack before I went. 

With that said I have gained so much “beer” weight its CRAZY!¬† Does anyone know of a pilates class thats cheap????¬† Or a great video of pilates?¬† I tried the 90x thing and because I live upstairs the downstairs neighbors have a bit of a problem with me working out.¬† I just dont understand, I drink most of my meals and I’m still gettin a booty hahahaha well theres nothing wrong with that except for all the damn dimples!!!¬† How am I gunna wear my monokini with cheese hanging out my bottom???¬† You see, random NONSENSE!!!¬†¬†Gotta love a talker ¬†– Silver Lining ūüėČ

Damn did I say that?

Well it has come to my attention that I apparently talk too much shit while I drink.¬† In some ways I can agree with that.¬† Maybe I’m a little angry bitch or maybe I am not the type of person who thinks its okay to smile to your face and talk behind your back.¬† One way or the other your going to find out what I said so I might as well just tell it to your face.¬† My husband explained that I could be nicer about it.¬† I can see his point.¬† I mean, my mom did raise me to believe “if you have nothing good to say just dont say it at all”.¬†

I am no longer close to my husbands family¬†because I have told them all where to go.¬† I no longer have a few close friends of mine because I’ve also told them where to go (they werent¬†very good friends).¬† After my mother died I kinda lost it a little (just a tad) and didnt¬†care what came out of my mouth.¬† But now I’m honestly annoyed with myself.¬† Its like a¬†bad habit you cant¬†get rid of.¬† I hear myself telling my brain “dont¬†say it, just shut up and dont say it” but somewhere between my brain and down to my mouth it gets lost in translation and plop out it goes like word vomit.¬† Why cant I stop myself???¬†

Today is the first game of my lil¬†one’s baseball season.¬† And boy is my mouth going to be put to the test.¬† I cant stand most of the people there.¬† CAN. NOT. STAND.¬† But my son wants to play.¬†

So like the song goes I’m gunna¬†“put on a happy face” – Bleh


I’ll begin by typing “Happy Hump Day” – yes we have made it through another month and half way through the week.¬† For many of us this hump day is no different than any other day.¬† We get up – make breakfast (or coffee) get the kiddos (or dogs) out the door and make our way to the place that hands us a piece of paper that amounts to stress and the knowledge we are broke.¬† But for others its a magical fun day filled with unicorns and daisy’s – and for you few bite, chew and swallow me . . thanks.

September 1st  can only mean fall is approaching.  Seeing as Global Warming and Loving Mother Earth has been dealing with us for the past decade or so, who knows what fall will be (I mean it could be summer weather or volcanic eruptions Рno one can tell).  For me September means back to school for the kids and saving (yea who am I kidding) for Christmas. 

My current work location is above a Veterinarian Office.¬† I have worked here for almost three years and I can honestly say I havent learned a thing.¬† Well except I can type over 60 words a minute (hey spelling doesnt count) and I have a great phone voice (perverts suck).¬† A small firm where saying Fuck and Stupid Ass are common phrases my boss uses on a daily basis (hey who said you needed to graduate highschool¬†to own a business).¬† Yes I have dreams and goals but somehow they have mutated into dreams and goals for my children.¬† And thats not a bad thing.¬† Now if I can just get my youngest to stop announcing his bodily functions and the aroma’s they cause, we could be in business.¬†

Each month I set out a new challenge for myself.¬† In August it was getting to know myself again.¬† I’ve learned a lot last month – havent mastered the challenge but I have learned a lot.¬† Seriously, taking a moment out of each day and just concentrating on nothing and listening – you really get a sense of things.¬† I cant say I know exactly who I am but I am a lot closer than I was before.¬† So this September (aside from still getting to know myself) my challenge is this: Forgetting.¬† Now I didnt say Forgiveness (whoa whoa slow down there buddy – haha oh no Im not ready for that just yet) but I really want to go through the day and not think about the bad shit.¬† You know replaying in the mind of what this and that person did and then the whole wanting to get even and thinking very very bad thoughts.¬† Yea, so unhealthy.¬† Now this is a big challenge for me but I’m pretty optimistic¬†on/for/at the end result (or ending up in prison) either way something’s gotta come out of this one.

So here’s to (oh wait I dont have a beer . . . hmmm oh a bottle water will do) :clearing throat and sitting up tall: Here’s to “Forgetting”.¬† Happy Hump Day