6 Minute Rule

In honor of Cinco De Mayo (insert aye aye aye!-here) I now present the 6 min rule (6?     5?   you say tomato I say apple)

This morning as I drove my boys to school we had one our in depth conversations.  You know the ones where we all sit and deal with life and all its complexities (geez is that even a word??). 

“Mom, its 7:28 your going to be late”

“Nah, I have till 7:36 then I’m officially late.”

“Oh thats like us, the bell rings and we have 5 or 6 minutes to get to class and in our seat.”

Hmmmmm and my mind began to ponder.  We are all preordained into a 6 minute cushion.  I thought back to my school days and yes, yes I remember we got an extra 5 to 6 minutes to get to our seat once the bell rang.  Or even to our line, remember elementary school we all had to line up on the black top once the bell rang?  Everyone knew we had 6 minutes to make it to the line before walking in. 

It doesnt just stop there, we then as adults get into other cushions.  We all know about the 10 day “grace period” for certain bills.  Or how about the 3 second rule?  Or even the 20 min wait to go swimming after eating, I mean is that even true?  I’m afraid to do otherwise and prove the theory right HA!  Can you imagine the news headline will say “Dumb Ass Woman drowns for not following the 20 min rule BEFORE swimming after eating”.  Maybe the 20 min rule isnt quite the same thing but you know what I mean. 

Cushions, who knew?

  1. Dude can you say brillant??? Good points!! I myself believe in the 5 minute rule.
    5 more minutes of sleeps … in 5 mins I’ll get up and clean .. 5 mins here and there and everywhere.
    I love cushions too. On my bed, sofa, car, seat at office so it only makes sense that I create the illusional 5 mins.
    My theapist says this is improvment… at least I have something!

    • LOl you are AWESOME!!! I have the 10 min rule for sleeping … HAHA I set my clock 10 min fast so I can sleep an extra 10 – I have no idea logically how that works but for my small brain it does HAHAHA!

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