Wrappings Off – Now what?

Day 2 of “yoga” watch – HAHA that’s what my husband calls it.  The DVD is now unwrapped and lying next to the DVD player.  Why doesnt it just put itself inside the machine???  It stares at me every night before I go to bed and it waits for me to wake up just to rub it in my face.  Damn yoga DVD – Damn you Jillian! 

On another note, a person (which will remain nameless) has just pushed herself  back into my life recently.  We have known each other for quit some time and our relationship is extremely bi-polar.  One moment we get along great and the next we are true to the grit enemies.  I mean, I’m not in highschool anymore and there are relationships that need to stay gone.  You know that person, the one you love to hate but hate to love but end up friendly because hey its them?  No??  Well damn, I guess I’m the only one that has issues.  Just so it’s said I’m warning myself  “Jo-your gunna get kicked in the ass again so you better watch out – remember the last few times – your damned if you do and your damned if you dont”.  :sigh:

Today was Bring Your Loved One to Lunch Day at my son’s school.  The kid cant take a serious picture to save his life!  But I gotta admit, he’s AMAZING that way 🙂 I love having lunch with him and his lil friends.  He tells me all about who is who and what kind of day he’s having.  I can sit there and watch him for hours.

OH CRAP – I soo have a funny story for you: So on Sunday my husband and I decided to go have breakfast, just him and I at our local iHop.  Where we were sitting there was a couple sitting behind my husband (we had to be romantic and face each other) with two small girls.  One must have been about 9 maybe 10 months old.  She was screaming crying touching everything on the table.  Her mom must have picked her up and set her down 3 or 4 times.  After while we must have gotten used to the noise.  But the next thing I knew I glanced past his shoulder and saw this:

No No do NOT adjust your computer or tilt your head..this my friends is a picture of the little girl FAST asleep on her highchair-thinga-ma-bob.  Do not be alarmed I have EXCELLENT undercover camera skills so I was not arrested.  Now look at this poor little girl, all the while her parents enjoyed their breakfast they LEFT their child like this for the ENTIRE time they ate.  No on touched her or even offered to fix her little neck.  Here’s another photo – I like this one cause you can see her little poof of her hair:

I know its wrong that my husband and I laughed for HOURS at this picture.  I mean who does this? 

Have a HAPPY HUMP DAY – ugh its already past 2 – time to do some squats *insert fart noise here*

  1. I am letting one rip just for you. Ahhhh how do you spell relief?!?!
    I love the pic of you and your son. Your hot! And your boy gots the Bieber thing going for him. Such a cutie!
    I am laughing to at the pic of the girl. You know you gotta kinda be understanding of the parents … damnit you’ll take peace anyway you can… but your right they should have put a blanket/bag/pancake or something underneath her little hair!

    • LOL – Thank you . . yea he has his own sense of style – sometimes its a little much 🙂
      I agree with you though – I think thats why NONE of the parents at the resturaunt said anything because at one point in our lives we needed just a little peace! HAHA but Yea I would have least put something under her head. HAHAHA

  2. What a pleasant surprise! You’re definitely a hottie and your son is cute as hell 🙂 As far as the friend thing goes…I use to have one of those. Unfortunately I got burned one too many times and had to walk away. It was easy for me because I was about to move to Vegas and just didn’t pass along my new contact info. I miss the friendship sometimes though.

    That little girl is a crack up. I completely understand why you too were laughing be ause I would’ve been too. Sometimes though, parents just need a break no matter how they can get it. I hope you had a nice breakfast.

    • Hey you! How was your trip? We’re still waiting for the BIG storm to hit where we live – so far its only up North.
      Thank you 🙂 hahaha he is the hop in my step 😉
      Yea the friend thing – I am just laying extremely low. If I see her then a pleasant smile and a quick hello but if I can avoid all contact thats a PLUS for me 🙂
      The little girl is CLASSIC! I know I understand that we all need a lil break but man its true a pic is worth a thousand words!

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