I made it through

Well what an interesting baseball game.  My son did a great job!  I was very impressed and I was also impressed with all the mixed emotions of lil ol me there amongst all my true best friends – NOT. 

Between the stares and the wispers, I actually enjoyed most of the game.  I did however, sit on the bleachers and that is something I never do.  I usually sit at the furthest end of the field, depending on which side my son is on.  Unfortunatley, I forgot my handy dandy chair so I played nice on the bleachers. 

One thing you must know about me, when I get nervous or uncomfortable I tend to chit chat about NONSENSE.  I dont talk smack I just talk about the most random things.  Another bad habit I need to kick.  I should have drank at least a six pack before I went. 

With that said I have gained so much “beer” weight its CRAZY!  Does anyone know of a pilates class thats cheap????  Or a great video of pilates?  I tried the 90x thing and because I live upstairs the downstairs neighbors have a bit of a problem with me working out.  I just dont understand, I drink most of my meals and I’m still gettin a booty hahahaha well theres nothing wrong with that except for all the damn dimples!!!  How am I gunna wear my monokini with cheese hanging out my bottom???  You see, random NONSENSE!!!  Gotta love a talker  – Silver Lining 😉

  1. there are some great online pilates classes, try it out. love the pic!!

  2. Let me and you do Zumba together … its just dancing like aerobics.
    I need a partner!!!

  3. Wait … are you the subject of peoples stares and whispers … did they confuse you with a hot sexy mama again?!?!

  4. Those bleachers hurt my damn ass. If I forget my chair (which never happens because Mr T doesn’t want to hear me bitch) then I’ll just stand. You should ALWAYS drink before a little league game. Duh! How else are the childish fist fights between parents suppose to get started.Geesh. Must I teach you everything? LMAO

    As for the booty, there ain’t nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. And….if you ever want to have a drink and dance your ass off (no pun intended), you are welcome to get down with me in my living room. 😉 Yep! That’s how I roll.

    • I know right! Thats what I keep telling my hubby. He just doesnt understand.

      HAHAHA – that sounds like my house on a typical Friday night . . like I said – my downstairs neighbors are secretly plotting my demise

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