Damn did I say that?

Well it has come to my attention that I apparently talk too much shit while I drink.  In some ways I can agree with that.  Maybe I’m a little angry bitch or maybe I am not the type of person who thinks its okay to smile to your face and talk behind your back.  One way or the other your going to find out what I said so I might as well just tell it to your face.  My husband explained that I could be nicer about it.  I can see his point.  I mean, my mom did raise me to believe “if you have nothing good to say just dont say it at all”. 

I am no longer close to my husbands family because I have told them all where to go.  I no longer have a few close friends of mine because I’ve also told them where to go (they werent very good friends).  After my mother died I kinda lost it a little (just a tad) and didnt care what came out of my mouth.  But now I’m honestly annoyed with myself.  Its like a bad habit you cant get rid of.  I hear myself telling my brain “dont say it, just shut up and dont say it” but somewhere between my brain and down to my mouth it gets lost in translation and plop out it goes like word vomit.  Why cant I stop myself??? 

Today is the first game of my lil one’s baseball season.  And boy is my mouth going to be put to the test.  I cant stand most of the people there.  CAN. NOT. STAND.  But my son wants to play. 

So like the song goes I’m gunna “put on a happy face” – Bleh

  1. LMAO! I’m currently in the same situation. It’s a bad habit that I’ve had for a while for I’ve freed myself from dealing with a lot of shit by just speaking my mind. One of the places I’ve had to learn to control myself is the baseball fields. It’s a shame because I have SO MUCH to say there. Ahem.

    Our first scrimmage game is tomorrow night. Opening day isn’t until April 2nd. Have fun at the game. I usually just mumble under my breath or to the hubby. He’s almost as bad as I am 😉

    • YAY! I’m not alone. That makes me feel better. ALOT better. My husband tells me I’m not going to have much friends if I dont stop. HAHAHAH . . aww well. 🙂

      • No worries. I was warned of the same thing but have discovered that there are some people out there that appreciate honesty. Some people love being around me because they can’t wait to see what’ll fly out of my mouth next. 😉 I just try to throw some humor into the mix.

      • true true 🙂

  2. And see I am the complete opposite. Someone pisses me off and I don’t see anything. Either cause I don’t know what to say anr/or am to angry to even speak!
    I wish I was more like you… I would be zapping people with zingers all day long.

    • Zingers! LOL … one day you’ll get the shit talking virus and run with it. HAHA . . but all I can say is, use only as directed 🙂

  3. You know … something did over come me this morning. A man flipped me off with his chick right next to him. So I said: nice buddy! Is that the hand you use to beat your wife cause she is wearinga shit load of make up. Honestly .. this is what sleepless nights will do to you.
    For the record … I prefer women who can dish it out. I never have been able to but I was the first one to back you up when shit went down. Yes I am a fighter.

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