Geez Louis!

Man I come out of my lil cave and the whole world seems to be falling apart!  8.9 earthquake, Tsunami’s, Charlie Sheen!  MAN, I have been gone too long! 

I live in San Diego and there’s warning signs everywhere for our beach communities.  I cant grasp the idea of a 8.9 earthquake hitting California.  That scares the living be-geezus outta me.  The wars the weather damn. 

This post will be short and sweet.  Pray people . . .

  1. I’ll be thinking of u. Stay put and do not go surfing!

    • My good friend lives in Hawaii with her family they just moved back there and its CRAZY!
      I will be no where near the ocean ;0)

  2. Hope all is well out in the land of tsunami warnings! Stay out of the water, look both ways before crossing the street and always have a designated driver! 😉

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