One taste was all it took

There was nothing I wanted more.  The feeling of it on my lips and in my mouth.  I longed for the subtle taste and flavors that would  gently glide down my throat.  The smell of it brought me to places and thoughts that had been locked away.  The sides of my jaw began to tingle with excitement.  I managed to dress for the occasion.  A nice relaxing outfit groomed for the right fit.  My hair let down and my stress of the day slowly melting away. 

Who wouldn’t want a feeling like this?  Wasnt this the reason we all worked so hard for, a moment of satisfaction?  I closed my eyes and brought it to my mouth.  Delicious.  It was exactly how I remembered it.  It’s like it was made to fit in my hands and prepared for only my mouth.  It had a connection with me and it knew I needed it just as much, in its own way, as it needed me.

Of course one taste wouldnt be enough.  There’s no satisfaction in just having one try.  I took it into my mouth once again and took another big swallow.  Mmmmm, it had me the first time I had ever experienced it.

I do LOVE my ice cold beer.  HEY where was your mind at?

  1. LMAO! I’m sure you already knew where mine was………..Cranberry and Vodka!

  2. I need to stop your posts at work .. lol… whew is it hot in here?

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