Money to Lemons

“Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes.”~ Louisa May Alcott

I couldnt agree more.  The potatoes part, I’m still kinda confused on but the part about money I get.  Lets look at some examples:

Ted Williams – I’m sure you have all heard about him.  The homeless man with the golden voice.  Well now that the man has come into some money his beloved daughters are out for blood.  He was recently detained by LAPD because of a shouting match he was in with his daughter over money.  Now come on now, the man was homeless – as in NO HOME and now that he can actually better himself, here come the jealous people to try to get a piece of the action.  SHAME ON YOU!

Evelyn Adams – Now get this, not only did this broad win the lottery in 1985 she ALSO won the lottery in 1986!  Lucky right?  Nope, she won over $5.4 Million dollars and she’s broke.  Broke Broke Broke and lives in a trailer!  How the hell does someone in the 80’s spend $5.4 MILLION dollars?  The story goes that she gave it away.  People came out of the woods and needed a helping hand.  Honey, didnt your momma teach you the word “NO”?? 

William “Bud” Post – This poor guy won $16 MILLION dollars in 1988, and its like everyone sued him.  From his girlfriend to his own family.  His own brother hired a hit man to KILL the poor bastard.  And it was all over money.  Now he lives off his social security check.

Jack Whittaker – He won over $314 MILLION dollars in 2002.  He spent over $114 MILLION in 4 years!  Lets wrap our minds around this one.  In order for him to spend that much that would mean he would have had to spend $28 and a half MILLION per year.  WHAT THE FUCK is he buying for $28 MILLION dollars?  Yeah I get that everyone was suing him for his past debt but damn dude thats a lot of dough to spend in a short amount of time. 

The list goes on and on.  Money is evil, period.  And greed is its demon.  I honestly feel sorry for Mr. Williams.  He made very bad choices that had ended him up a horrible position of being homeless.  Now that he has a second chance – it seems the problems just get worse. 

On a better note – did you know adding lemon juice to your drinking water (healthy to drink 3 liters a day) can speed up your metabolism up to 33%.  AND it cleanses the liver (for all my fellow alcohol drinkers – thats a SILVER lining) and everyone knows the liver is the main organ that burns fat.  Theres a little tidbit of information for ya 😉

  1. This was an excellent blog. Do you think I could add lemon to my alcohol drink of choice and still get the same odds?

    Thats crazy about all those stories. Money is the root of all evil however I could use some … money not evil. And on top of that some potatoes too please!

    • You see now your getting the whole “make lemon aide out of your lemons” 🙂 Excellent and YES is the answer to your question.

      I dont get the potatoe thing but it sure makes me hungry! HAHAHA I think we ALL can use a little money and LESS evil HAHAHA 🙂

  2. So…what you’re saying is that if I ad lemon to all of my water it will cancel out all the cranberry and vodka? SWEET!

    Money is definitely evil. So here’s what I propose. The federal government should have me win 300 million dollars in the lottery so I can test how it’s possible for those idiots to lose it all so quickly. You know? Just for reference.

    Hey, I’m willing to do this for the sake of my fellow man.

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