I’m bad -I have to be

Why is it that I prefer Barbra Jean chunky?  i know (my shift & “n” key are sticky – damn kids) I’m going to hell but I cant help it.  I heart no no i HEART Reba very much.  My mom and i used to sit ad watch this show all the time ad laugh our butts off but the new and last season of reba – Ms Barbara (is there a right way to spell Barabra???) Jean lost a tom of weight.  i get it I get it – she is healthy but can i be selfish for a moment??!?!?!  She is and was HIlARIOUS chunky.

Okay before you all start writing hate mail and unsubscribe to my blog (who am I kidding) is it just me or did her mouth get much much bigger??  i mean look at Carson Daley (spelling) – he lost weight and his eyes look HELLA scarey.  Look Im just saying – maybe I like some meat on the bones.  And HUMOR and smiles get my heart going.  Im am SOO NOT knocking someone wanting to live longer and be healthy bla bla bla fell better about themselves ect ect.  But whats funy about that????

Well i ranted and raved for a minute or two too long.  Damn I wish my keys didnt stick!

  1. Some people just look good heavier. Man, woman, doesn’t matter. I’ve had friends that when they lost weight looked sickly. There’s nothing wrong with having a little meat on your bones and it’s perfectly fine to take notice that some people look better that way!

    • YES! I agree 🙂 just because you have some meat on the bones doesnt make you fat or unhealthy.

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