Dogs really do that?

I woke up this morning feeling fresh and awake.  Had I gotten enough sleep last night?  I must have – I’m actually smiling.  As usual, I began my normal routine.  Make the bed, pick up some laundry the kids left out the night before and get our puppy (he’s 5 months now – is he still considered a puppy?) ready for our morning walk.  Sabyn (our puppy) was a bit on edge this morning.  He seemed he really needed to go.  “Not to worry boy” I said to him.  I patted him on his belly and rubed his back “We’ll be out there in just a bit”.  It seemed as if he knew I still had to put my shoes on when he charged.  

With all his strength he yanked the leash and headed straight for the door.  “WOAH Sabyn!” I hadnt meant to say it as loud as I did but the lil (he’s about 50lbs now) guy took me by surprise.  He never does that.  I quickly shoved my shoes on while hopping on one leg as the he pulled me down the stars.  As soon as he hit the grass it happened.  Its like his butt exploded!  I had never actually heard a dog fart.  I mean I have definitely smelled his farts (thee nastiest smell I have ever experienced) but I’ve never heard his farts.  But my oh my, he was rippin em. 

I stood there in wonder.  Was I the first human to ever hear a dog fart?  Should I call the news or notify someone to witness what I was witnessing?  Would someone believe me if I told them?  I wanted to pull out my cell phone and record this moment but I left the device inside, damn it!  After the shock started wear down I began to laugh, hysterically.  I mean, who wouldnt?  Between the sounds and the smell and my laughing, my poor lil guy didnt seem to think it was funny.  He began to bark at me.  Which made me laugh even more! 

There we stood at 6AM in the park area of our condos.  My plaid pink pj’s, oversized jacket and Walmart brand boots holding a blue pit (he’s the blackest dog I’ve ever seen) in the squatting position letting them rip.  My morning was made!

  1. Poor little guy. And you’re making fun of him.Shame on you. Actually it is pretty funny. Maybe his Kibble was spiked last night. A picture would have sent this to Freshly Pressed!

    • I wish I had my cell with me! His face and the way he barked was HEE-lar-EEE-us! HAHAHA I keep thinking about it . . such small things get me going

  2. LMAO! Dogs do fart. The first time I heard it shocked the shit out of me too. We have 5 dogs and the only piece of advice I can give you is that their food can make them gassy. Ok so we had switched their food to a not so glorious choice and it made them all really gassy. So much so, that every time they jumped up onto the couch they had a rocket boost! It was horrible.

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