Blog and the Husband

What is a blog?  Some may say – “it’s a place where I can post my feelings and thoughts” others may say – “a place where I can share news and important events” but as many will agree it’s a way of getting some point across whether others agree or disagree bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda.  

I personally do not have a facebook or myspace or youface or whatever it is out there right now but I do have a twitter (which I suck at) and a blog.  I have nothing against those who have all these other internet avenues of communicating, it’s a personal preference of mine not to have the others yadda yadda.  Anywho, yes there is a reason to my madness.  

My point – the other day my husband asked me why it is I blurt out “Oooo that would be a great blog” and go about whatever it is I’m doing.  He began to claim I was developing or showing symptoms of turrets.  So finally I broke it down to him. 

“babe, I have a blog” 

“Ah whatta?” 

“A blog” 

“oooo-kaaay what does that mean?  And how much is it?” 

“It’s a website where I can write and talk about things in my own way” 

“A blog?” 

“yea, a blog” 

He just stared at me for a moment.  Like he was waiting for me to explain it in another language or maybe draw some pictures for him.  I did move my fingers like I was typing on an invisible keyboard but he just stared.  I began to pull out my laptop when he said

 “So have you blogged me?”

 “Well yea”

 “That’s cool” and he got up and put on some football.

 “Don’t you want to see it?”



“Babe, you said you have a blog, ok so you have a blog.  Its free and its not Facebook or myspace right?  Well good you have a blog a blog a blog a blog.” As he said a blog a blog a blog his head went from side to side while watching the game. 

 I was about to go further into it but decided naw.  I’ll leave it at that. Well then yesterday he called me at work and asked me to look up some information on the internet.  I was about to log on and he said “just look at your blog” WHAT?  He apparently didn’t hear a word I was saying about what it is and he inserted his own version of the (insert Charlie brown grown up sound here) between “It’s a wah wah wah waaah wah wah wah” he apparently thinks its like google.  Nice

  1. Its funny how can u can get the simplest of things and make them funny.
    My husband is the exact same way. He don’t care … and he’s like that’s nice.
    Yes. Yes it is.
    Now please don’t read it cause I wrote stuff about you.
    Wait he did ask if I talk about his “size”. And I was like NOT THAT KIND OF BLOG!

  2. LMAO. My hubby makes his own version of the things I say also. At least I know it’s not just me. Shortly after I started my blog I blurted out “Okay so I have a blog”. But I was already two drinks in and there was no going back LOL. He already knew what blogging was so I didn’t have anything to explain. He was just rather shocked that I had shared anything about it with him.

    • I kinda like he doesnt know because talk some ish about the poor guy 🙂 LOL

  3. “So have you blogged me?”

    That almost sounds dirty.

  4. This is hilarious, I told my boyfriend I was making one, he said ok..but never really acknowledged the fact “I did it” lls. I asked if he wanted to see mines he told me no LMAO and he knows what it is. I said Alright but now he gets mad when I say “that would be a good blog”. He say’s I’ve replaced time i would spend on him with a Internet Diary lls smdh

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