As many of you know (all 4 of ya) I have been attempting to exercise these past couple of days and so far its been such a pleasure.  Literally.  Every evening I try to do at least 20 minutes on the elliptical and every morning I have been trying to do a quick 10 minute warm up/body tone.  Well the whole toning part has a great deal to do with the core aspect of it. 

Well this morning as I was attempting my Kettle-Bell 10 minute tone workout I felt something begin to happen.  I looked around and I thought “am I really getting turned on by something I hate to do?”.  As I got further into the workout I began to feel the pre-orgasm feelings begin to arise.  It began to get to the point where I I wanted to work out harder.  Am I a pervert?  Am I that addicted to sex that I turn to the Kettle-Bell for pleasure

I automatically wanted to call Celebrity Rehab and get Dr Drew on the phone.  I have an addiction I just know it!  I felt so ashamed.  (in case your wondering – yes I completed my workout very relaxed and satisfied) I didnt call Dr Drew but I did call my husband and tried my best to persuade him for a nooner but that didnt go as planned. 

When I got to work I began to research sex addiction and rehab (aka celebrities that are going through the same thing) and I came across an article on Fitbie.  The title “Coregasm”.  I immediately clicked and began to read.

 “It’s probable that feel-good feeling you get from contracting your muscles during core exercises can mimic those generated during genital-stimulated orgasms.”

IM NOT ALONE!  This is normal!!!  PHEW!  Well now I feel liberated.  Exercising has taken on a whole new mind set for me now.  No wonder most of these women on the DVD’s look so happy and refreshed.  I always hated them.  But now I want to BE them.  Can you imagine how many coregasms these women have?  AND they get a profit from it!  2011 here I come – more fit and much more satisfied :wink wink:

  1. This just like When Harry Met Sally except… you’re exercising! I can’t get my mind around that!
    Man I wish I was that “in-tuned” with my body!
    Second person today that I will say I am jealous today of!

    Ok I need to get physical physical

    • TEACH ME

      • Im coming out with a book/dvd/sing a-long HAHA I’ll keep you updated – New Yorks Best Sellers watch out here I come – literally HAHAHAHA OH MAN I AM SOOO LAME!

    • Its intense I tell ya! I cant WAIT to get home and do some “core” workouts after work LOL

  2. That is one bad ass exercising session! I use to exercise before I got really sick but it was never that exciting. So are you saying that those work-out DVD bitches are actually porn stars in disguise? They are getting paid for coregasms? That is bad ass! Where do we sign up?

    • I know right! And get this – they dont even need partners! I get all giddie inside just thinking about it

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