Bronze Baby

I decided (on the down low mind you) that I would begin to use a sunless tanner during this wonderful winter season.  Why?  Well as you all have experienced – we didnt have a normal summer.  I live in San Diego and it was by far thee oddest summer we had in over 10 years.  Normally, its all about the beach, pool, parks and bay but we did not do none of it.  As a result, I have a weird tan.  Yup the three different lines on my legs and the multi tank top strap/non strap tan lines on my top. 

My Christmas party is coming up and I wanted to wear a low back top (I know sexy right-pffft HAHAHAHAHA) but my back is semi tanned looking a bit jaundice-like.  So my bright idea (insert lightbulb above head here) I thought I’ll use a sunless tanner every night and PRESTO – a nice shimmering tan.  Smart right?  Normally, that would be a great idea and as I have said it time and time and TIME again – I am thee furthest from normal.  Well . . . . last night after my shower I decided to rub this joyous cream ALL over.  Yes, including my face and buttox.  I had my daughter “evenly” apply to my back.  I told her NOT to tell the “man” (I hope to surprise him with my new found body and tan :wink wink: ) 

Well this morning as I began to get ready for work i noticed a giraffe like spot on my arm.  (See below)

Well CRAP! 

Sooooo tonight I will apply the second coat and hopefully get it right.  Watch out Jersey Shore Im bronzing BABY!

  1. Lol. Been there and done that. I ended up switching to the aerosol. It gives you a more even looking tan and isn’t blotchy!

    • I think I may need to switch. Im just afraid I’ll point the can in the wrong direction and tan my bathroom or my eyes. Yes Im an idiot that way hahahaha

  2. OMG I did that one spring. I looked like giraffe. A cute one by a giraffe none the less. And that totally sucks because giraffes dont do anything cool. Now if I changed into looking like a cheetah I would be fine with that.

    • Oooooo Cheetah! That could actually be interesting :rrrooooar: <– the face and sound together are mych sexier HAHAHAHA

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