Step 4 & 5 – Use Your Strengths & Recognize Your Weaknesses

I thought step 4 and 5 should go together.  In order to do one you must know the other, right?  For example beer/wine is a weakness of mine so I must have the strength to know when to put the bottle down (I one day hope this will be a successful task until then . . ) But as I read further (Lifescript such a powerful message) thats not exactly what these steps mean.

I, of course, have no clue what my strengths or weaknesses are – so it says to ask someone close to you.  I began to think of all 4 friends of mine (dont be jealous) and thought carefully on who would be the best judgement for me (aka say the best things about me “weaknesses?  you?  never!”).  After long consideration (4 beers) I thought my husband would be the best bet.  After all, he has known me for 12 years and would be very careful with his words (I make him dinner and give him “goodies” on a regular).

“Babe, what would you say are my strengths?” I know he didnt mind me sparking up conversation while he was into his favorite movie – when a wife speaks time stops (I know right!)

“What do you mean?  Your a great mother and wife.”

“Thanks babe now what are my weaknesses?”

“This babe, this is your weakness” well crap. 

So of course I did what any wife would do at this point – probe deeper and find out exactly what this means.  There has to be a hidden meaning behind what he said.  How am I going to be a better person if my own husband thinks Im a crazy person??  All I did was ask him a few questions and this he said this is my weakness!?!  As I was about to open my mouth, let the tears pour out and spill my soul – he pauses the movie, gets up, heads to the kitchen, brings me a new cold beverage and gives me a kiss.  There was no need to say anything else.

Strengths & Weaknesses – everyone has them.  I have personally experienced my own – Have the strength to know when to shut the eff up, not everything is meant to hurt me some things are meant to remind me.  Well so far thats what I’ve learned.

  1. My husband sets out to “remind” me on many occasions. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting that I have weaknesses, although I already know what they are. Most people know that they have weaknesses, but I think my trouble comes when others can see them. Great post.

    • I know exactly what you mean. This whole becoming a “better” person is kinda difficult. I figured I can take care of steps 6-8 while I prepare the Thanksgiving meal (first time in 10 yrs) – All I can say is I better have LOTS of “beverages” 😉

  2. My husband says I never stop thinking. He says he can see me thinking and over anyalzing everything.
    He said I am so close to the looney bin. We could be roomies! Top bunk!

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