Step 2 – Think Before You Speak

Think before you speak – now this one was a little tough for me. My first thought of this step was “for how long?” And “well it look like I’m holding in a fart” – you know the typical questions that go through one’s mind. Common Sense is usually the key ingredient to this step but as we all have discovered, these days NO ONE practices common sense.

The first step has been such a joy to experience. Impacting others has been my rainbow. But putting Step 1 & 2 together, its been a little tough. I decided to commit to silence and respond to everything via text for the first 24 hours (Friday to Saturday). I figured this would help me “think” before pushing “send”. At first it was easy – “take the dog out please” or “can you bring me another beer?” and even “do something about your breathe I can smell it from here” so on and so on, thinking and impacting piece of cake or so I thought.

As the evening went on the conversations became more lengthy. I mean you can only text for so long before you start to get frustrated with the texting itself. I was having 6 different conversations. And after 2 glasses of wine and 6 beers I began to forget to whom I needed to text a response and to what form. Think about it – my sister didn’t want to read “wait till the kids fall asleep and I’ll show you whose boss” text that was supposed to go to my husband. And my husband sure as hell could have done without “well that’s why I told you to shave all of it off, that’s prob why it smells” text that was supposed to go to someone else. So I tossed my phone aside and called it a night. There is no need to rush into this step without proper sleep.

Saturday was delightful. I pretty much had the first part of the day to myself. I folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen and even entertained my alternate personalities with some good ol fashion “how have you been” conversations (they’ve missed me). After having such a great start to my day I decided to head to my sisters – I mean spreading the joy further was only the right thing to do. Once I purchased my formula that takes me to my “happy place” while visiting my sister, I was practically skipping to her home. The visit went well. I did A LOT of thinking before I spoke (occasionally my sister would ask if I had been hit by a bat repeatedly or was I on medication) so I knew I was making an impact. I gave wonderful advice and even hugged her at one point while I stumbled to the bathroom (she still claims she was helping me walk but we both know it was a hug).

To think before you speak – such a concept and yet rarely practiced. Today, in honor of my new tool, I have left my phone at home and will need to be verbal today in all communications.

  1. Wow I am really proud of you. And proud of your bonding moment with the sister.
    I feel your 12 step program will be completed very soon. Next you can work out your anger about the hobos in your trash cans and maybe just maybe one of your alternates can writ a post. HEY HEY!

    • Im excited – a new and improved me 😉 I figure once my probation offic err uh I mean pastor admits what a changed person I am I can finally leave the state 🙂

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