Not your average Dear John letter

Dear Motivation

I tried to talk to you in person last night but the words failed to make their way out, so I’m doing the next best thing (well technically I would have sent a text but eh – you know how that goes) – we need to talk.  I know we’ve had this discussion before and yes the counseling and shock therapy (still get massive headaches) worked for a while but now it seems we’re falling right back to where we started.  I know as you read this your shaking your head in disbelief and I so much want to be on the same page as you but its true – we’ve stopped communicating we’ve stopped growing.

For example (I know you hate when I do this but it must be said) last night I explained that I had had to devote 30 minutes to walking or some sort of excercise.  We both knew I ate the entire pastrami sandwhich for lunch.  We discussed the pros and cons of the 30 minutes and, well I thought, we came to an agreement that you would support me on my decision.  How could you give me false hope?  There wasnt any pushing of any kind from you, its like you disappeared on me.  I did the best I could, alone.  I changed into my sweats and prepared my musical list but just as I bent over to put my socks on I saw it.  It was right there in front of me, glowing.  I looked around, no one was there, I had a few minutes to spare – didnt I?  I slowly reached down and with trembling hands I picked it up.  “Summer Island” by Kristin Hannah – I only have a few (like 6 or 7) chapters left – I could put a few minutes of reading time in and run out the door.  It all made perfect sense.

As I made myself comfortable on the couch and found where I had left off earlier in the day I suddenly became very thirsty.  Mmmmm a cold glass of OJ sounded amazing and its healthy for me – lots of Vitamin C.  I grabbed a tall glass of OJ and began to read. 

MOTIVATION!  Do you know I read for an hour!  A whole 60 minutes!  You and I both know I never get 60 minutes to myself.  The dishes still hadnt been washed and dinner needed be done and served in 20 minutes.  Where did you have to go for an hour?  Who is she?  Do you love her?  Sorry, I know Im straying off the point (still a learning process).  The point is you havent been there for me.  The therapist said we need to be a team in all areas of life.  Home, work, play etc.  And it seems all y0u come around for is when its time for sex.  All of a sudden your bright eyed and ready.  But once you get your fill you disappear.  Im beginning to feel used.

I know this great speaker, she goes by PMS.  I hear she’s practically the dog whisperer for these types of things.  But her sessions are short term and harsh but can have a long term affect.  I know a couple who failed her course and well lets just say one partner didnt make it out alive, thats what I call great odds.  I know its impossible for me to get her every month or if any at all (its a loooong waiting list) but I have some girlfriends that will volunteer to come around when she visits them.  Its your choice – either shape up or I’ll have to take drastic measures. 

We’ll talk soon.


  1. Lol … look I’ll take your motivation off your hands. Motivation can help me in my um, errr time of intercoursing … so just for a week?
    Let me know.

    • HAHAHA – okay but it may be a bit peeved due to the “letter” or perhaps not 🙂

  2. I hear ya on the motivation!

    My husband and I have decided that starting next week we’re each going to give each other at least 30 minutes for exercise a day. We need to to do it! I’m hoping we can motivate each other.

    • Exercise really helps with a lot – not just the getting healthy part. In our marriage I found that once I felt as though I was doing something good for my body (whether it was eating better drinking less <- yea that didnt last .. or exercising) I felt umm sexier ..

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