Good Morning and Happy Hump Day.  It is Wednesday right?  Today’s topic is brought to you by the letter P – P for purple.

According to my 14 yr old daughter – a freshman in highschool – Today is Bisexual/Gay Purple Day.  The students who support their bisexual/gay peers will be wearing purple.  And yes my daughter is wearing her purple “crush” t-shirt.  Honestly, when my daughter told me about today’s wardrobe preference I was caught a little off guard.  The first thoughts that came into my head were “did she just say bisexual?  does she even know what that means?  why purple?”  You know all the typical thoughts ” (well my thoughts).  “Oh purple huh?  Bisexual/Gay Purple – is that like a lavendar or your basic purple?” yep thats the first thing that came out of my mouth.  First off my daughter and I can discuss pretty much anything (I know that may end some day soon so I’ll take all that I can get at this point) second, she is thee only female (besides myself) in our home of three males – no scratch that now its four males (Lil Sabyn).  and third, she is a product of her mother.

She explained that she supports her gay, bisexual and heterosexual friends.  I stood there listening to her as she went on with all her random thoughts about it all and I couldnt help but smile.  In our home our children are welcome to discuss whatever that is on their mind.  No prejudice from us as parents (thats in our home – that does not mean I do not agree with what other parents do in their home) I know too many families broken and too many depressed teenagers that feel they have no one to talk to I refuse to have my children feel that way. 

We educated our children at a very young age about sexuality.  When my husband I met and we decided that we would be together forever I have always made it very clear I would not hide my father, aunts or even my sexuality and upbringing.  And we both agreed we would be open about things if and when our children asked questions.  I couldnt imagine telling my father or aunt they had to hide their love for the people who have been apart of my life for over 20 years.  How do you tell a child its wrong to love someone? 

My husband came into the room in the middle of the conversation.  So I happily explained today was Bisexual Purple Day at our daughters school – to which he replied “oh very nice” and then our rambunctious 9 year appeared and asked “Whats Bisexual?” and my husband replied “its when someone is attracted to males and females” and my  son replied “at the same time? then who makes dinner?” – I have no clue what exactly that means but his attention span didnt last long and moved onto his next question “how come worms dont have tongues?”


  1. Yeah why don’t worms have tongues?
    Sometims I think you miss the serious issues here.
    Top shelf on the post. You’re raising them right.

  2. Yes! Great post!

    My kids are young now; 6 and 10 months, but I really hope to raise them like you. I want them to be able to come to me.

    I had my son last year, and my daughter had 100 questions. I was soooo nervous about saying too much, saying to little, and just screwing the whole thing up!

    I ended up buying a book; it was very age appropriate and it was AWESOME. She read it over and over and we talked about all of it. She knows about sperm and eggs but thankfully didn’t ask HOW the sperm gets in there to meet the egg. Whew!

    Of course, after our talk, she runs over to her stepdad (my husband) and proclaims – “You gave mommy sperm!!!!” Oh man. So then we had a talk about how certain things, like where babies come from and how they come out, should only be talked about with mom, dad, and stepdad. Not her 6 year old friends!

    • Books by FAR are awesome tools! There are some questions where the whole “uhhh – honey?” look spreads across our faces . . Its better to explain things to our children before they get the information from their friends. Man the conversations on the playground are scarey!

  3. You sound like a great, open-minded parent. But this made me laugh like hell:

    “its when someone is attracted to males and females” and my son replied “at the same time? then who makes dinner?”

    Your son is awesome.

  4. ” then who makes dinner” AMAZING. too funny. very cute i laughed out loud.

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