And baby makes 6

Tuesday already?  I seriously feel like I have lost a whole week of my life.  Kidney Infections are no joke and refuse to have one again.  I bought some cranberry pills to help with my “condition” .  Wow now do I feel old 🙂

Today is my first day I can have coffee.  I think I may have made it a bit strong but hey if your going to welcome back a habit might as well go big right?  Crap but I think I have already pee’d three times in the last hour and a half.  Aww well its good for my bladder 🙂

Last night our little family was blessed with a new member.  My husband has been waiting patiently for our little package for almost a year now and has been floating since our little man came home. 

Sabyn Tau (insert our last name here) born Aug 3, 2010 

And like many babies – the momma (thats me) has the joy of taking him to work, shopping, restroom, everywhere because daddy doesnt want his little man alone for one minute.  Thats fine for me but umm did he forget I have three other children that are attached to my behind?  This one isnt potty trained so its like starting all over again except they dont make diapers for these little guys.  Seriously, I packed a diaper bag this morning.  I had to make sure I had food, bottled water, his blankie and some chew toys.  And its sooo not cute when he farts.  I mean talk about the whole office smelling like dog fart!  And he’s still a puppy!  PEEEEE-UUU!!! 

My husband wants him to be 100% inside dog.  So that means I need (did I mention it was going to be me, just me with him 8 hours a day every day?) to potty train him.  I gotta make sure I time the food consumption and water drinkage ratio and walk his little butterball butt around until he drops his load.  Which is then followed by me scooping up that hott mess and disposing of it properly.  All of this while I work.  Did I mention I have a serious  gag reflex thing?  No? Well I do.  Hot shit in my hand (well in a plastic bag thing) and smell combination is down right yucko. 

The bright side is he is down right adorable and he smells fantastic!  My kids love him so come 4 o’clock its time to pass the torch and get to my other mom duties.  Its nice though – my hubby has the night potty duty – hey its his baby right?

  1. Thats so freakin cute. I love puppies. And yes for some reason it usually falls on mom.
    Thats awesome you can take him to work. How do you pull that off?

  2. I was actually thinking (judging by the title) you were gonna say you were pregnant!

  3. My boss doesnt quit know yet. He’ll be okay though. I just gotta make sure he doesnt pee or poop in the office. So far so good.
    Pregnant?!?!?! OH NO NO NO that will NEVER happen again . . it may have taken me a couple of hit and misses in the past but I know for sure how to prevent that from happening 🙂

  4. Soooooo cute!

    My husband wants a dog, but frankly, I’d rather have another baby than a dog!

    I told the husband he could have one if HE took care of it. Completely.

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