Pyle-to the -lonephrit-A WHAT?

Today is my first day (since Sunday) I’m not actually laid up in my bed burning with fever begging to be shot. 

It all all started on a beautiful Sunday morning – I woke up headed out the door to get my son from his sleep over and noticed sharp pains in my lower back.  I thought maybe I had slept wrong.  As the morning went on I began to get the chills.  WTF was going on?  The first thing I thought was – I was getting the flu.  My husband opted for me to sleep it off that I would feel better in the morning. 

The pain in my back was getting worse and a fever had made its way in.   Monday morning came and I tried to go into work for at least half a day but i was sweating like a pig – literally.  I was pale and I felt as though I would pass out at any second.  I immediately went home and laid down hoping it would pass.  Tuesday I couldnt bare it.  My husband took me to Urgent Care and was diagnosed Pylelonephritis aka Kidney Infection.  Cipro was my cure and to take it easy (sleeeeeeeeep) for the next couple of days.

I dont know if any have ever had a Kidney Infection – but all I can say is its thee most painful lower back pain next to labor!  yes I said it I compared it to labor.  Whats worse is the antibiotics really fuck with your stomach.  I have been popping pills and sweating to the “oldies” – well sweating like I had run a marathon (there thats better).  I have probably thrown up every layer of my stomach as well.  Today I feel a little better but typing has made my back begin to throb. 

I plan on catching up on my reading but will need to wait – I’ve been having arguments with our Kool-Aide container – he just doesnt understand that he shouldnt smile at someone who is in so much pain!  Fever hullucinations – the MD warned me about that.  Now about this feeling like Im in a bubble 🙂

  1. I was like where the hell is In Like Flynn! Well at least your alive.
    Hope you feel better. Damn the Kool-aid man. Hope that helps.

    • Cleveland Choi
    • August 9th, 2012

    Kidney infection should be monitored closely because it can lead to a more serious damage tot the kidneys. *..:’

    Hope This Helps!

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