Its contagious

7:00 AM – a ** Smile – oh yea its contagious.  The air smells so fresh this morning – everyone seems to be welcoming Monday, welcoming fall (or the all the sugar in my coffee has officially impacted my brain/vision) either way – it feels good. 

It has taken me all weekend to figure out what my goal for October would be.  This month I will be celebrating my 9 year wedding anniversary (well – day at the court house) and my late mom’s birthday (its the same exact day).  Each day it has been getting easier.  Honestly, following through on my goals and staying focused has really helped and I am rediscovering myself.  Lets recap shall we (Im telling you I have had LOTS of sugar – ehh ummm I mean coffee this morning)

August – Getting to know me again – Not worrying about what and who hurt me – and getting rid of the toxic people in my life.  Basically I broke up with myself and my past and decided to start a new relaitonship with myself – it may sound crazy but dont knock it until you try it.  So far Im liking myself a lot more and treating myself better.

September – Forgetting – this one has been TOUGH.  Women just dont forget.  Oh no no no.  We may act like we have but, like that song says “Its a thin Line between Love and Hate” you’ll wake up floating (sinking) in the Hudson ;).  Overall, its been a great goal to follow and it has helped me to continue to focus. 

October – **Smiling no matter what – and find the silver lining** – a smile goes a long way.  Even when you dont want to and everyone can eat shit and die – tell them with a smile .. come on all together now “you can eat shit and die” keep smiling.  Now didnt that feel good?  It doesnt matter how the person you have said that to feels what matters its how you felt after you said it.  Wheres the Silver Lining you ask – well notice you had the opportunity to say what you needed calmly and polite and the person was able to truely listen to what you had to say.  Nice isnt it?

On my walk to work this morning I had an opportunity to smile and find a silver lining (already able to begin my October goal – amazing)  I happen to get pooped on by a pigeon SMACK on my right boob.  Normally I would curse and pick up a rock and try to knock that son of a bitch right off the light post but instead I smiled and thought of the silver linning.  How is that something to smile about – you ask?  Well lets see – one: the pigeon’s digestive system is good to go now the pigeon can swoop down and continue to eat trash off the street thus cleaning up what someone had graciously left behind and two: I have the wonderful opportunity of using our facilities at work thus being thankful for running water and soap (not to mention I will smell of lavendar and vanilla thanks to Dove).  Its a win win for all involved. 

So today, and for the rest of the month lets all practice the smile and look for the silver linning.  You’ll see that even while your stabbing the chicken your cooking for dinner repeatidly with a knife while thinking its that someone in particular – smile and remember now your chicken will be nice and tender and juiced up with all the wonderful herbs and spices and bring smiles to those who will enjoy it.


    • marinasleeps
    • October 4th, 2010

    I tried breaking up with myself many times. Myself can be so distant and then all of a sudden so needy. So I tried ending it, but myself just keeps coming back. I might have to try something drastic!

    • LOL – I had to get a restraining order . . I still call my “old” self every once in awhile (breakups are hard) and listen to her breath but each day it gets easier 😉

  1. I love change and reinventing myself. Good for you!

    Oh and being shit on by a bird is good luck!

    • LOL – I’ve heard that before . . not sure how its good luck but I’ll take it . . but I never thought bird shit would smell – it does!

  2. My husband and I will celebrate the eighth anniversary of our courthouse wedding this November. I think it’s a fine way to start the happily ever after.

    Strange way to get good luck, but I guess we’ll take any we can get!

  3. Nice – Congratulations 🙂 And I couldnt agree with you more – thanks for the comment

    • marinasleeps
    • October 4th, 2010

    I have a quick technical question. When I see that you posted a comment, I can select your name In Like Flynn and it will take me to your site. Apparently I only have email address. How do i change that?

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