A/C huh?

What an interesting night

Let me begin by saying we have, for the past 6 years, lived in a home with NO central heat or air or carpet.  Which, in all, worked for an asthmatic child 100% but the winters were COLD and the summers were HOT.  Living there brought the nightly ER visits and inhaler uses to a zero.  With that being said, our new condo has all three. 

This whole “global warming, end of the world” weather has everything backwards.  Approaching October, you’d expect fall leaves and cloudy skies, oh no not here in Cali.  Its 90 degree weather and wet heat.  It feels like August, except for today (of course I have to be the liar) its cloudy but yuckie.

Last night my husband wanted to try the a/c.  Not a problem – I thought.  One little switch and WAM instant coolage.  I walk to the “little box” and flipped down the little door.  WTF?  Why so many little buttons just to turn on the a/c?  I mean theres a little knob and settings, hold, fan, auto, heat, cool, night, morning CRAP!  Wheres the little switch?  Wheres the on and off button?  Why does this need to be soo difficult?  So I called my husband over.  He’s the construction worker he should know how to work these things, right?  Wrong.  He starts pushing everything.  Really???!!?!?! Why do men do this?  Why do buttons intrigue them so much?  Is it a finger thing?  “Babe the directions are right below, I didnt get a chance to read them, what do they say?” “Directions?? All we need to do is push hold cool degrees and WELLA nice breeze” . . uh ok well it didnt turn out that way.  All night long he kept getting up and pushing buttons.  Needless to say, it was a loooong HOT night. 

This morning while he was in the shower I got up and read the directions (shame on me for not doing this in the first place) and figured it all out.  But by this time my husband was so irritated by the damn thing he wanted out of the wall (men can be so touchie).  No more a/c.  We will be heading to our local walmart and pick up a few (like 4) fans.  Wind blown hair will have a whole new meaning tonight/tomorrow.  Gotta love Tuesdays 🙂

    • marinasleeps
    • September 28th, 2010

    Ha Ha my husband would have knocked down the wall already and started looking for the “interior problem”

    • I panicked every time he got up . . . I was scared he would make me a new closet 🙂

        • marinasleeps
        • September 28th, 2010

        Wow, maybe I should fake a AC problem and have your husband come and fix it. I need a bigger closet!

      • LOL – our neighbors would have been pretty pissed – it would have ended up in their bathroom. HAHAHA

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