Well hello there

6:45 AM :YAWN: okay we made it through to another day.  Congratulations 🙂  Although it feels like I just laid my head on the pillow and simply closed my eyes only to find myself here at work already – this whole life thing is a GREAT magic trick.

Football picture day was a success even though there are some parents I would love to poison (or maybe just run them over with my car).  One thing about mothers all gathered together to watch their babies pose in front of a bald man – clearly irritated – get the mouths going.  Many of these moms I have known for over 9 years and others I just met.  And yes I even have family there.  My brother n law (oldest brother to my husband) is one of the coaches and he and his wife may be the main ones I just want to – hmmmm how can I put this nicely – place a thousand fleas in their croch and tie their arms to their backs.  I married the baby of the family – he has two other baby mommas besides me and I’m  not good enough for him???  PAAALLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!  Anywho – I will not waste a perfectly good post on them.  :taking deep breathe:

Over all, as predicted, my schedule went exactly how I thought.  Of course dinner was served about 20 minutes later than I planned but everything rushed by.  This morning I got up a little earlier and actually combed my hair (lets not put my kids through the same thing as yesterday) and was completely dressed by 6:00am.  “oh those dark circles?  no no no im fine just wanting to stick to the schedule” … kids got up and looked around “where’s daddy?” – “he left for work” – “wow mom your ready early” – “yes, yes I am :)”

Today is going to be a little more crammed.  For my lunch I need to grab my 13 yr take him to get his hair cut and take him back to school.  Rush back to work and finish out my day.  I NEED to walk during my son’s practice today.  Thats a must.  My body feels weird not walking and its only the second day. 

But to change the subject – I’ve been thinking a lot about the “bedroom” area.  My husband and I are pretty regular but I sometimes wonder . . does he need more – you know – options?  Its hard having three kids in a small itty bitty condo and we sleep in the living room, theres only so much we can do.  Are there any suggestions that may help him “think of me throughout his work day”?  You know what I mean.  We are working through some marrital issues – and sometimes I want to beat him with a bat – but overall I love him.  I want to make him happy – and squirm with delight ;).

The weekend is approaching.  Hopefully we will furniture shop and get some couches and a dining table in that place and finish up the unpacking (there just isnt enough time).  We will be there a month on Oct 6th and by then I want our home to be a home .. comfy cozy.

OH!  I almost forgot – look at my gorgeous baby boy!!!  It was a bitch takin this pic . . the bald photo guy kept “moving” me … oh NO mister picture man – if you didnt know, this lil man right here is MY baby and YES I will be taking a few pictures for my enjoyment while you go back to your lil studio and get back to me.  Thanks!  hahahaha poor man … Now you see why I jumped over the barrier and clicked my heart out?  Mothers do what they need to – barrier or not 🙂

  1. That must be tough sleeping in the living room.

    Whenever I watch Little House on the Prairie, I always think – how did Ma and Pa ever ‘do’ anything with Carrie downstairs with them and Laura and Mary up above?

    They must have gone to the barn!

    Since you don’t have a barn, that’s out the window.

    Can the kids share a room? I know it’s probably a lot with three kids, but I’m a HUGE proponent of putting the marriage first. Kids will see a good example from a happy marriage. The kids are VERY important, but I think the marriage is more important. Without a healthy marriage, what is left?

    I don’t know where you live, but we’re in a city. We have a two bedroom condo, and two kids. We have our own room. I think it’s just necessary to have that alone time with your spouse, uninterrupted (heck yes, I lock our door!)

    • Unfortunately, if my two boys shared a room blood would be shed. Its not pretty 🙂 We dont mind it too much but sometimes the bathtub/bathroom looks enticing :wink wink:

  2. Absolutely! You are a mother after my own heart. Yes, we will do what we have to do to get that picture. Stare away suburban moms, stare away at this hot mess, b/c my baby is right there, too…

    Loved this post!!

    • — Ooops I giggled a little too loudly 🙂 “stare away” exactly!!! HAHAHA

    • marinasleeps
    • September 23rd, 2010

    Hmmm … how can you even get in the mood? I am freaking tired! I love my husband and find him still soo attractive but damn when your the one running the show, I am always just wanting to sleep!
    He wants more and says its never enough. I need to think differently or he might start looking somewhere else

    • “in the mood”? As in 4 play??? Whats that? HAHAHA If my husband just touches skin (even while he is sleeping) “it” happens 🙂 Men they only need one of their heads fully awake :wink wink:

        • marinasleeps
        • September 23rd, 2010

        And your cool with that?!?!? When your asleep??!?!

      • Wife/mother’s sleep? 🙂 I’m a light sleeper so when “it” happens I’m usually all for it. Honestly the end result is great and it helps relaaaaxxx me 😉 I sleep like a baby after lol

    • marinasleeps
    • September 23rd, 2010

    Hmm, teach me!

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