6:30 AM – Well we’re back at Wednesday – Hump Day – this week is flying by fast.  In fact September itself, is flying by fast. 

Today my husband begins his first two weeks of 12 to 16 hour shifts which means (yup you guessed it) me ALONE with the kids.  Did I mention alone with two teenagers?  Our regular routine for the weekdays are down packed.  My husband takes the kids to their destinations (there are three kids – three different schools – three different routes) while I straighten up the house get ready for work and start my morning walk commute.  4 o’clock would sound the bell and as I walked home my husband picked up two of the three kids and made their way home.  My son has football practice Tues-Thurs and while my husband took him I would do laundry, cook and get dinner all prepared along with lunches for the next day.  Yada Yada Yada – you get the picture.  He is the driver I am the everything elser.

Today, oddly enough, I have the truck.  Yup me.  I havent driven in ummmmm lets see.  Maybe about – oh I dont know – 3 months or so.  And those Dodge Hemi’s have power!  My husband left this morning around 6:45am which left me with the 9, 13 and 14 year olds looking at me like “okay what do we do now?”.  And this is when I began to pray (or cry or panick – all the above).  I watched my husband disappear around the corner and I felt a tug on my heart (sanity) – then I felt it again … That tug was my 9 year old on my pj’s.  I turned around with fear and he said “Well lets get a move on mom we havent got all day”.  And there they were all staring at me – dressed waiting for words to exit my mouth.  My 13 yr old – “Mom!  Come on get dressed its 6:50 we usually leave by now.”  GREAT here we go.

As I ran around the condo getting myself together I can hear my kids “you see this is what moms do.  Their always late”.  OH hell no I was not going to start these next few weeks with those looks and smirks from my kids.  HELL to the NO.  So I got dressed and we were out the door by 7:00 HA!  I drove (I HATE DRIVING – other drivers are ASSHOLES – please read disclaimer) the kids to their destinations and my final stop was for my 13 yr old.  He turned to me before walking away “Not bad mom, not bad.  Love you”.  Oh yeah baby I can do this.

I began to drive away and noticed what a mother dresses in (for work) in 10 minutes and what exactly her hair looks like.  OH MY BAAAAGEEZUS!  Well the good part is I got the kids where they needed to be.  Lord help me later!!! 

Today’s schedule:

Work 730-4

Pick up kids check on pot roast (been cooking for 8 hours slow cooker style) get my youngest ready for Football Picture Day – 4-530

Take son to Football picture sit for an hour (because no one knows what the hell their doing) watch and shed a couple tears as my son poses – get him in the car head back home – OOPS forgot my 14 year old (was talking across the field with her “friends” – yeah I have forgotten her before- dont judge me) head back to the field get her – yell at her for leaving me in the first place – head home 6-7

Grab a quick couple loads of laundry – take them downstairs load washer – head back up stairs set timer for 30 minutes (otherwise other people will take the clothes out for me – you dont want that) serve the kids try to inhale a couple of bites.  Head back to the laundry room take clothes out and load dryer – up the stairs again set timer 45 minutes.  Get the kids in the shower and iron the clothes for the next day. 7-845

Get the clothes from the laundry room head back up stairs (by this time I have climbed the stairs 7 times – give or take) clean up the kitchen.  Take a shower – tuck the kids in and try to relax.  Mom=Superwoman?  We’ll see 

    • marinasleeps
    • September 22nd, 2010

    OMG I am totally feeling this post. Never feels like their is enough time in the day huh?

    • Never . . . as much as I want my work day to go slow the time just seems to be going that much faster. :sigh: 🙂

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