Oh it Must have been the weekend

Friday started off grand – I did meet up with an old friend but unfortunately she had just – I mean just just  broke up with her boyfriend (or the other way around) all due to her mother.  I really cant get into details over that but any over protective mothers out there (mind you my friend is 32 years old) Please do NOT run your daughters boyfriend’s license plates and then proceed to call his EX girlfriend for some dirt.  All of this screams “I AM A PSYCHO-OVER-PROTECTIVE MOTHER AND WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE IF YOU MARRY MY DAUGHTER YOU SON OF A BIT**” or something along those lines.  Anywho she was a mess and sometimes there arent any words (thank you Forrest Gump).

Saturday was fun.  Well it started off fun.  My youngest had his football game (we lost 18-22) but it was an exciting game.  We then headed to our oldest boy’s All Star picnic (aka ice chest and friends get together while the kids play baseball) and ended up at our friends house for some more drinks and finger foods.  Somewhere throughout my day I must have forgotten I needed some type of solid substance to balance out all my beverage choices and before I knew it (12 Midnight to be exact) my beverages decided it was time they vacated their temporary living space. 

Now since I’m a “classy” broad and very “clever” at this point – I felt it necessary to kill two birds with one stone.  So as I sat there on my porcelain friend I looked down and thought (or maybe I said it out load – seems my daughter said she could hear me having a conversation with no one) the “triangular space” is perfectly big enough to allow my beverages to exit while my bladder shrunk.  OH SO I THOUGHT but as you all know once you start the “up chuck” reflex there is NO WAY you can stop until your stomach decides it needs a break.  That “triangular space” was NO WAY near as large as I thought and so my chest, lap and the lil itty bitty part of the porcelain that was exposed (not to mention my Va Jay Jay) had been coated with Hot link and beer.  Scrumptious I know!  Did I mention we were at our friend’s house?? 

YUP – so after I showered myself off in their sink – I stumbled outside only to find my hubby staring at me wide eyed and then start laughing.  “Did you fall in the toilet??”  Oh it felt like I had.  I appologized to our friends and explained that I had just spewed and not to come near me as I would probably kill them with my odor.  My husband (the sober one – Thank God) gathered our things and we went home.  That night will go down in the books thats for sure. 

Sunday was ummm – nice.  I wanted to die for the majority of the morning but like the “champ” (its what the hubby calls me due to my alcohol tolerance level – I am SOOO not proud) that I am I showered and headed to yet another travel ball game (2pm), went out to dinner with the my babies and grocery shopped.  I know somewhere this last weekend I got some sleep but man it sure doesnt feel like it. 

Happy Monday – is it nap time yet???

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