Ahhhhh – Laundry, food & Teenagers

Happy Thursday – you got your cup of Joe?  :sip: Today is my 3rd day walking my new route to work.  Its been an interesting one.  I’ve tried a few different ways (its one main road dont know why I cross the street so many times) but finally decided on the shortest route. 

Unfortunately, I have the pleasure of walking past a Home Depot.  Now I’m not knocking on a man that will humble himself to stand and wait for work but the kissing noises really get on my nerves.  I wear my head phones and blast that son of a gun (oooo im being nice with my words today) :sip: and look the opposite direction.  Normally, thats a good idea but since Im thee most awkward person in this world and simply can NOT do two things at once (chew gum and walk, look some place else while blasting the radio not to mention walking).  Yea you’re on the right thinking path – why oh why do they make the curves in the sidewalk so deep and sudden?  I mean really?  Its like one step two step OH MY where did the ground go???  :sip: So as the morning would have it I began it with a good chuckle at my expense – not too bad (bleepin bleep sidewalk humor) 🙂

Last night I spent the evening with my eldest children while dad took our youngest to football practice.  The condo is still coming together and a home cooked meal has been dearly missed.  Last night’s main course – Stew.  Seriously, if you havent had the pleasure in slow cooking a meal for about 2 hours and smelling the aroma’s of the food to be presented – your missing out.  I am NOT a cook – I live by packages, boxes, slow cookers, jars, cans and an occasional fresh veggie of some type (“recipe request” blog soon to come – still embarrassed about my reply).

Sorry back to last night – so my daughter (14) and my son (13) :sip: kept me company while I did laundry, cooked and cleaned.  They “sorta” helped me (if any of you have teenagers you completely understand what that means) so while food was on the stove and the folding began – my son began his random rants for the evening.  “Mom, I have like 8 girls jocking me right now” – me “Oh you do?” – son “Yup” – me “Can you focus on school – girls will come later MUCH later” – daughter “Seriously if I were to say that I would be in trouble” – me “if you were to say that your dad would walk the halls with you at school” – son “Thats why I love that I’m a boy” – me “Son!  Please just no girls ok?  Friends that are girls fine but please please dont give me a heart attack this early” – son “mom you gotta chill – I got this”

So after a few (4) beers, laundry was done and the stew was served and cooling off for dinner.  There was much more discussion and more debates.  Why do I get the BIG talks while dad is out??!?!?  :sip: I tried to tell my husband about the conversation (and ladies you know how that went) Hubby “babe he’s a boy he’ll be aight and I never want to hear that our daughter has a friend thats a boy” – I would have had a clever thing to say after but the beverages of my evening seemed to cloud my better judgement.

13 & 14 years olds – and thats all I have to say about that – ugh

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