Day 7 – New new neu?

Well we’re in our new place.  YIKES.  We are down to about 5 boxes (originally it was 15).  Everything feels new.  We have lived with hard wood floors for over 6 years and now we have carpet – new feeling on my feet.  The bathrooms are smaller and they ECHO – ummm the sounds are new.  The shower doors are completely see through – living with three, no at all shy, children – new sights to see. 

I’m used to walking around in my towel for a few minutes after my shower (if Im home alone) but HELLO – we live on the second floor and yeah the windows are EVERYWHERE – note to self: get dressed in the bathroom after shower immediatley.  Overall, I absolutely love the new place.  No more unannounced visitors (gated community) its a cozier than the last place and my kids seem happy.  Now to work on the “man”. 

I’m still very focused on my “goal” for September and so far so good.  Being a woman (the over thinking is second nature) I almost gave but nope its only day 7 and I have 23 more days for it to get easier and easier. 

I was watching Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston and that other actor guy (forgot his name – again dont feel like googling) and like all movies my mom gave me – it brought me to tears.  But he said something on there that actually made sense.  (Bare with me here) ‘Take time each day to smile – after awhile you wont need to force it – it will become second nature’.  Baby steps right? 

Anywhooo (focus on the positive – left foot in left foot out and shake it all about) ….. time to get started on these deposition summaries (Yea Im going to actually work today). 

A lil ol skool should help do the trick

  1. I just caught up with your blog. What is your ‘goal’ for September?

    • Hello there – “Forgetting” 🙂 Im working my way to the whole “forgiveness” thing . . almost there – sorta

  2. Ah yes. That’s a tough one! I look forward to continuing to read!

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