I’ll begin by typing “Happy Hump Day” – yes we have made it through another month and half way through the week.  For many of us this hump day is no different than any other day.  We get up – make breakfast (or coffee) get the kiddos (or dogs) out the door and make our way to the place that hands us a piece of paper that amounts to stress and the knowledge we are broke.  But for others its a magical fun day filled with unicorns and daisy’s – and for you few bite, chew and swallow me . . thanks.

September 1st  can only mean fall is approaching.  Seeing as Global Warming and Loving Mother Earth has been dealing with us for the past decade or so, who knows what fall will be (I mean it could be summer weather or volcanic eruptions – no one can tell).  For me September means back to school for the kids and saving (yea who am I kidding) for Christmas. 

My current work location is above a Veterinarian Office.  I have worked here for almost three years and I can honestly say I havent learned a thing.  Well except I can type over 60 words a minute (hey spelling doesnt count) and I have a great phone voice (perverts suck).  A small firm where saying Fuck and Stupid Ass are common phrases my boss uses on a daily basis (hey who said you needed to graduate highschool to own a business).  Yes I have dreams and goals but somehow they have mutated into dreams and goals for my children.  And thats not a bad thing.  Now if I can just get my youngest to stop announcing his bodily functions and the aroma’s they cause, we could be in business. 

Each month I set out a new challenge for myself.  In August it was getting to know myself again.  I’ve learned a lot last month – havent mastered the challenge but I have learned a lot.  Seriously, taking a moment out of each day and just concentrating on nothing and listening – you really get a sense of things.  I cant say I know exactly who I am but I am a lot closer than I was before.  So this September (aside from still getting to know myself) my challenge is this: Forgetting.  Now I didnt say Forgiveness (whoa whoa slow down there buddy – haha oh no Im not ready for that just yet) but I really want to go through the day and not think about the bad shit.  You know replaying in the mind of what this and that person did and then the whole wanting to get even and thinking very very bad thoughts.  Yea, so unhealthy.  Now this is a big challenge for me but I’m pretty optimistic on/for/at the end result (or ending up in prison) either way something’s gotta come out of this one.

So here’s to (oh wait I dont have a beer . . . hmmm oh a bottle water will do) :clearing throat and sitting up tall: Here’s to “Forgetting”.  Happy Hump Day

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