Random Monday Word Vomit

It’s Monday morning and I’m staring at my keyboard with a million thoughts running through my mind.  Memories of the weekend that just past, conversations with friends I will never forget and the victory smiles from the boys as they won their first game.  I dont really have one particular subject to type about.  So I’ll type and see where my fingers and mind take me.   

Today is the first day of school for two of my children.  My eldest will start highschool after the holiday weekend.  I cant believe summer is ending and I see Halloween items for sale at the local gorcery store.  Is it me or does the years zoom by the older you get?  I remember being a child and the school year seemed to last 50 years and summer was a never ending vacation.  But as the years go by it seems I blink and my youngest son went from learning to crawl to tackling on the football field.  Pretty soon we’ll be asking our children their plans for the weekend and scheduling quality time with them.  (squeezing my eyes shut – yes yes it is too early to drink and hello your at work . . . ok ok you gotta point but its still too early to drink).

I look in the mirror and discover new lines around my eyes.  Certain foods that I used to eat keep me up at night and staying out till 3am now take two days to recover from.    It boggles me.  I still got it, dont I (just nod and move on). 

My really good friend just found out she is having a baby.  Her first child at the age of 32.  I cant help but start to do the math.  By the time her first child will be in Kindergarten she will be approaching 40.  And in her 50’s for highschool graduation.  But as I am the young mother (the fast girl in highschool that was taught a lesson early on) my tummy hurts thinking about starting over.  Although it may not sound like I am extremly happy for her (one – its not me for the 2 am feeding and the crying… two – as her very close friend I get to enjoy the perks of having a baby without having the baby and three – she is absolutely GLOWING)I am!  But I cant help but want my friend for my own selfish reasons.  I mean it will be almost a year and half before she will get to enjoy our wine nights or even an occasional beer.  Yeah I know I know I am a selfish bitch but hey at least Im honest.  And you know what they say (I would quote it but really cant remember – but I know its a good one).

Moving day is approaching and boy am I excited (oh joy – Im a liar!).  I wish I were the main chick on BeWitched (dont fill like googling her name but you all know who I am talking about).  Wiggle my nose and its all done.  Im starting to have dreams (nightmares) of moving.  Just the thought of what my next week will be like – ugh I am exhausted.  My kids are so anxious.  Little do they know just how close we will be getting – and I mean it literally.  Oh Lord I think its time to get a lock for the kitchen knives or any kitchen/bathroom appliance that can cause bodily harm.  And thats just for the protection of my husband of course (hmm maybe posting that little piece of information isn’t too smart – naw I have an excellent attorney).  Like I said this will be a grand ol adventure.  As you all have read, these past couple of months have sucked donkey balls – literally.  The ups and downs  – one extreme to another.  But everything happens for a reason (if someone can tell me who invented that little saying please let me know I have some questions and concerns for him/her, both verbal and physical). 

Well its been a lovely 36 minutes and though I hate to end our moment together I really must get some work done a.k.a. catch up on my Hulu.  I can not wait for the new season of Modern Family and Parenthood begin!  

Monday Music Mood ~ Enjoy

  1. Just nodding and moving on. Thanks for the post and good luck with school and the move and friend and the well…… Uncle Jim IM4U

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